Finding the Right Fitness Coach

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Life can feel heavy and hard, can’t it? Even in times of relative normalcy, the everyday grind can start to wear us down. And it’s easy to find yourself wondering, is this all there is to life?

When we start to feel defeated—or maybe just stalled out—where do we turn? Who can help us pull out of this and start anew?

If any of this feels familiar to you, a coach might be just what you need. Having someone in your life who has gone ahead, someone who can teach, guide, and champion you can make the difference between yet another “meh” year and a transformational one.

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I’ve been a coach for twelve years now. And it never gets old. When I see women have those lightbulb moments, or when they reach that goal, or get to celebrate a win, it never gets old. When I literally watch a woman’s life be transformed before my eyes, it never gets old.

There’s magic in community and mentorship, my friends.

And for me, that community revolves around fitness. I’ve coached and mentored thousands of women over the past decade and know the power of having someone come alongside you. Having go-to people who can pick you up when you fall, stand shoulder-to-shoulder in the daily trenches of life, and cheer you on when it’s time to celebrate is truly magic.

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When it comes to finding a coach, it’s critical to find someone who can provide what you need and mesh with you. All coaches approach things from a different angle and have their own personality and style. I’ll use myself as an example:

I’m probably not your coach if you want someone who …

  • believes there’s only one way to succeed through fitness
  • has massive weight loss as part of their story
  • eats only kale
  • is a foodie who loves trying new foods and sharing recipes
  • will give space for your excuses and reasons
  • will coddle or parent you
  • wants to micromanage your life
  • believes in overstructuring fitness and nutrition
  • is solely focused on losing weight and not broader life change
  • sees fitness or coaching as a hobby

But, I just might be the coach for you if you’re looking for someone who…

  • believes deeply in you
  • lives, breathes, and sleeps fitness
  • loves trying new things in life and is passionate about growth
  • has 20+ years of health and fitness experience
  • is obsessed with helping people reach their goals
  • will be 100% in the trenches with you
  • is still trying to figure things out for myself
  • will equip you with tools to help you live your best life
  • is obsessed with holistic healthy living
  • believes that sweat is magic, and fitness can transform your life
  • doesn’t overcomplicate fitness and nutrition
  • knows the power of community and having a tribe
  • will hold you accountable and push you because I believe in you
  • has fitness and coaching as a life mission, not a side hustle

Here’s the thing: growth is an inside job. It starts with you.

Change your mind, change your life. Choosing to move and feed your body well is an intention that can spark complete transformation from the inside out. And having the right coach by your side can make all the difference.

If you’re ready to seek radical life change through fitness, and I sound like the right coach for you, reach out. Let’s start a conversation that might just change the trajectory you’re on forever.

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