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Hi! I’m Julie Voris.

Meet your online fitness and nutrition coach—and your biggest cheerleader.
Does life feel harder than it should? Did you think you’d be further along by now? Girl, I’ve been there. After trying tons of different fitness and nutrition plans, I realized something big: I needed a tribe and tools that would impact my life holistically (physical and emotional health, family, and finances). That’s why I teamed up with Beachbody almost a decade ago and have grown a 9x Elite Superstar Diamond team of over 5000 women from around the world. But this isn’t about stats or status. It’s about helping women just like you become the best versions of themselves, simply by making better choices one day at a time. You can do this.
habit triggers for fitness
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Habit Triggers: Making Fitness a No-Brainer

Don’t overthink it. That’s my top tip for people struggling to make fitness a priority. Time and time again, I see women frustrated at their lack of follow-through and commitment to exercise. They feel defeated and then start to wallow in defeat and self-criticism. Finding the motivation to work out then seems even further away. My advice? Quit thinking and feeling. Just do...
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beachbody nutrition shakeology
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Beachbody Nutrition You Need to Know About

You’ve probably heard about Shakeology shakes. Their yummy flavors, versatile uses, and nutrient-density have led to their ongoing popularity. Not a day goes by where I’m not whipping up a quick shake (minty cappuccino, anyone?), and I love making the occasional sweet treat, too (chocolate nut bites for the win!). The simplicity and power-packed nutrition of the shake mixes make this a no...
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parenting priorities
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Parenting Priorities: Focus on What Matters

Becoming a parent changes everything. All of a sudden you’re looking down at this amazing little person and the weight of responsibility settles in. We all want the best for our kids. The best what though?  I think we all start out with the right intentions. We want to see our kids grow and thrive, to be happy and fulfilled little humans who grow up to be fully-functional big humans....
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