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Hi! I’m Julie Voris.

Meet your online fitness and nutrition coach—and your biggest cheerleader.
Does life feel harder than it should? Did you think you’d be further along by now? Girl, I’ve been there. After trying tons of different fitness and nutrition plans, I realized something big: I needed a tribe and tools that would impact my life holistically (physical and emotional health, family, and finances). That’s why I teamed up with Beachbody almost a decade ago and have grown a 9x Elite Superstar Diamond team of over 5000 women from around the world. But this isn’t about stats or status. It’s about helping women just like you become the best versions of themselves, simply by making better choices one day at a time. You can do this.
stay fit during quarantine
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Post-Quarantine Fitness

Because of the massive changes COVID-19 brought our way, many of us have had to rethink fitness—and just about everything—completely. Gyms have closed, schedules have changed, and many life shifts have taken place.  Let’s be real, for lots of us, quarantine fitness and nutrition have been a struggle. There’s a reason the “Quarantine 15” memes are all over the place. We might...
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beahcbody energeize boost
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Get the Boost You Need with Energize

Real Talk: I’m obsessed.  Every so often, I come across a product that I simply can’t live without. (Sure, I may technically be able to get through my day without it, but let’s be honest … I just don’t want to!) If we have been friends on social media even a little while, you know that I’m all about Beachbody Performance Energize, a pre-workout drink supplement that combines...
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summer must-haves
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Summer Must-Haves: Some of My Favorites

Temps are up, the sun’s out more, and flowers are blooming—SUMMER IS HERE.  It’s really happening! I don’t know about you, but I feel like the thought of summer seems even more amazing after the past few months. I think we’re all ready for something fresh and light. So in honor of sunny summer and trying new things, I’m sharing some of my absolute favorites right now. These are...
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