Together we canchange everything.

Sound like an overpromise? It’s absolute truth. As an online fitness coach, I’ve helped thousands of women just like you make healthier choices—and that changes everything. All you need is a plan and a tribe, and I’m here to give you both.
Your health journey starts now.
What do you want to achieve?

Hi! I’m Julie Voris.

A former HS English teacher, turned fitness instructor, turned ‘kitchen-table-CEO’ and lover of all things Disney!!
I've been teaching group fitness for 20+ years and virtually coaching woman for 12 of those years!

As a virtual fitness coach, I provide the space and community to allow my clients to create a consistent routine that supports the healthy lifestyle they want to live! I work with woman to incorporate fitness into their life in ANY season.

I believe in the transformative power of creating a consistent fitness routine because I've seen women thrive when they say yes to FITNESS.
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Project 100 Week 4

It’s interesting to be collecting feedback and observing how people commit and fall off from habits they are working to solidify. Mainly I hear from the women who are doing the work. The ones that have fallen off, go silent. I assume it’s because deep down there is a feeling of guilt or shame about ‘falling off’. But the truth is, releasing that guilt/shame allows you the space to take...
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beahcbody energeize boost
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Get the Boost You Need with Energize

Real Talk: I’m obsessed.  Every so often, I come across a product that I simply can’t live without. (Sure, I may technically be able to get through my day without it, but let’s be honest … I just don’t want to!) If we have been friends on social media even a little while, you know that I’m all about Beachbody Performance Energize, a pre-workout drink supplement that combines...
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Julie Voris
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What Florida Taught Me…

It’s funny sometimes how we think we’re in charge⁣. How we know more than the Higher Power who created allllllllll of this.⁣ It’s funny how we forget 😏 We were so disappointed when we canceled our cruise last year and ‘settled’ for a house, a beach, and a long drive. Yet, in the past 2 weeks I’ve...⁣ •Gotten more clarity around my passion and purpose.⁣⁣•Gotten...
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