Forget Resolutions, Start Your Evolution
new years resolutions

2020 is here, y’all! An incredible opportunity has just been handed to each and every one of us. Do you feel it?! That buzzing potential, that intoxicating energy and optimism just waiting for you to grab hold.

Whether you’re feeling it right now or not, I can promise you, it’s there for the taking.

And I know there’s tons of talk right now about New Year’s resolutions. All good stuff. But I want to encourage you this year—this brand new decade—to think BIGGER.

Let’s go beyond resolutions and begin your evolution. 

Much like Disney CEO Bob Iger shares in his book Ride of a Lifetime (which you MUST read, btw), I believe we need to self-assess and be self-aware of where we are. Then we can set some intentions around where we’re going. Most importantly, we need a PLAN for how to get there and a community who will support us in that journey.

Here’s the deal: we can choose to coast through life. So many of us do. We get up, chug our coffee, drag ourselves through the day’s to-dos, and then hit repeat. We occasionally feel the pang of what-could-be, but we instantly tune it out or numb it out, because it feels safer to just keep on, keepin’ on.

Life is so much richer, so much BETTER when we actually get IN the driver’s seat and take control. Take ourselves off auto-pilot and the acceptance of “just being okay,” and decide we have greatness inside us in some way.

It takes work, yes. But man it’s so worth it. I want you to look back at the end of 2020 and not even recognize your life. To be blown away by transformation.

And it starts right here. Right now. 

Consider setting three intentions for this day, this new month, this new decade.

  1. Believe you’re worth it.
  2. Surround yourself with the right people.
  3. Own your life.

Yes, that resolution to not drink Starbucks every day is great. But why are we playing small with small resolutions that don’t really stretch or challenge us? In this one short lifetime, why are we playing small in ANY way?

And one easy step for beginning to live out these values is this: say “yes” right now to joining my online fitness group that kicks off next Monday (January 6). You don’t have to leave your house or buy fancy equipment. You don’t have to impress anyone. You just have to show up as you are, where you are.

Girl, let’s take you to a whole new level this year. All you have to do is message me and I’ll share everything you need to know to join my fitness tribe. I’d love to have you there. Let’s do this!

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