Meet Julie Voris

Wife to a former college head football coach, mom to 3 incredible daughters, CEO of a multi 7-figure business, and as of March 2022, a Florida resident!

…and lover of all things Disney!!

Fitness expert and entrepreneur, Julie Voris

has trained thousands of fitness professionals to dream big and create thier life on purpose with purpose.

Working alongside top fitness gurus and authors like Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, Jennifer Jacobs, Autumn Calabrese, Elise Joan, Tony Horton, Judi Holler and Jon Acuff, Julie has built a 7 figure business from the ground up. It is her mission and purpose to blaze the trail for other female entrepreneurs to do the same.


Julie Voris

An Inspiration For Change

Helping women create their life on purpose, with purpose.

Committed to inspiring life change through the foundation of fitness, Julie spends her days leading a team of thousands of female fitness coaches.

As a fitness expert and entrepreneur, Julie has trained thousands of people to discover their strength through movement, mindset and a little bit of magic.

At her core, Julie deeply believes that we are all—women especially—so much smarter, stronger, and more capable than we give ourselves credit for, and she’s on a mission to help you step into your power and potential.

Because she knows, at our core, YOU are the magic. 

Come for the inspiration…
Stay for the transformation.

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