20 Doses of Inspo for 2020

celebrate 2020

The holidays are almost behind us and we’ve got a clean slate ahead. How exciting is that?!

Yes, Netflix and Disney + are amazing, but may I encourage you to take some time this week to fill your mind with resources to grow, challenge, and inspire you? Instead of numbing out, tune in. Because friends, 2020 has something amazing in store for you. You’ve just got to decide to go after it.

Not sure where to start? I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite personal blogs and podcast/media appearances to get you going.

  1. How This Fitness Guru Turned Her Passion Into Success
    Watch this short video to see how my love of fitness ended up providing not only financial security for my family, but a lifetime of memories.
  2. How to Be a Better You and Make Money Doing It
    What dreams have you packed away? How could you love yourself better? Make 2020 the year you make change happen!
  3. Make Showing Up Your Superpower
    Feeling stuck in your life? Struggling to take action where you need to? I can help you get unstuck and move forward.
  4. Building a Morning Routine
    Starting your day off right can make ALL the difference. Soak up some inspiration for building the perfect morning routine for you!
  5. Exercise as a Keystone Habit
    Learn five practical tips for making fitness a habit that ripples goodness into all parts of your life!
  6. Best shoes for your workout
    The obsession is real y’all. I’ve tried so many shoes that I love! Learn about a few that I’d definitely call favorites.
  7. 2019 Holiday Gift Guide
    Holiday gift cash burning a hole in your pocket? It might be time to splurge on something nice for yourself!
  8. The Empty Nester’s Guide
    I’m finding myself in this new season, and am LOVING it! Learn how to breathe life into this phase of your life.
  9. Be a Second Chancer
    Who or what in your life deserves a second chance? Maybe it’s a person, a place, an activity, or an experience—or maybe it’s YOU!
  10. Spring Clean You
    It may not be spring yet, but the new year has many of us itching to shed what weighs us down.
  11. Peppermint Mocha Shakeology
    Peppermint + coffee + chocolate…what’s not to love?! Learn why I love this limited-edition, nutrient-dense product so much!
  12. Holiday Stress Gets a New Name
    The holidays may be behind us, but stress can be a real problem all year long. Learn how you can stress less in 2020.
  13. Habit Triggers
    Finding it hard to keep good habits going? You’re not alone! I share some intentional things you can do to help those habits stick.
  14. Parenting Priorities
    I’m not claiming to be a perfect mom, but I have learned a few things along the way. Read about a few things I think I actually got right!
  15. Making Life an Adventure
    Seeking a bigger and better life in 2020? Hear a little about my personal adventures and know that it’s completely possible for you, too.
  16. My Favorite Travel Essentials
    Dreaming up your next vacation? Let me help you pack with my go-to list of absolute favorite travel essentials.

Prefer to listen your way to inspiration? Check out some of my recent podcast appearances:

  1. Fox News Radio
  2. Morning Moxie
  3. The Illuminate Podcast
  4. Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning

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