The Best Gateway Drug Out There

best gateway drug

When you think of a gateway drug, what comes to mind? Probably not something that’s good for you, right?

But what if I told you I’m obsessed with a gateway drug. One that I indulge in each and every day. One that changed my entire life for the better.

And that gateway drug is fitness. 

On a recent podcast appearance on Ever Forward Radio with Chase Chewning, the host pointed out that fitness acts much like a gateway drug. You get into it for one reason, but then it leads to all kinds of goodness. And before you know it, your entire life has been transformed.

If fitness had a warning label like a pharmaceutical drug, it might read something like this:

Warning! This activity may lead to:

  • Improvements in physique
  • Increased joy
  • New opportunities
  • A multitude of health benefits
  • Renewed energy and optimism
  • New friendships
  • A life beyond what you’ve ever imagined

And in my case, fitness also led to bountiful income that blessed my family. When I said “yes!” to what seemed like a random moment, I had no idea that my life had been set on a trajectory that would create a life of financial freedom and opportunity…among so many other good things!

Not only that, but the relationships formed within fitness have been invaluable. Surrounding yourself with passionate, elevated people who get it and get you changes everything. We are all wired for connection. Immersing yourself in relationships with amazing people leads to amazing opportunities, amazing support, and so much more.

“Fitness is a slippery slope to radically changing your life for the better,” says Chase in the episode.

I couldn’t agree more. 

To learn more about how I got into fitness, my thoughts on motivation, and the ripple effects of taking that first step, tune into my episode with Chase.

My hope is that this episode will inspire you to rethink 2020. Whether you’re heading into the new year with optimism or dread (or somewhere in between), know this: you have the power to make 2020 anything you want. And fitness just might be the best way to get you there.

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