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Julie Voris on Yahoo Finance

This article originally appeared on Yahoo Finance.

For Julie Voris, fitness had always been a healthy outlet when she was feeling stressed or overwhelmed. But before she started her own business, she never would have imagined it could become so much more.

When her children were young, Voris and her husband had a lot on their plates: three daughters under the age of six, a new town, and a new job. To cope with the change and adjustment, she turned to the gym. “If I worked out,” Voris said. “The rest of the day I could handle with a little bit more patience and a little bit more focus.”

As the couple sought to build a new life and provide for their daughters, Voris realized she could take her passion for fitness and turn it into a way to make sure her family had everything they needed. “This business was my platform to say yes to them,” she said.

To see the full story of how she grew her business and eventually provided a lifetime of memories for her family, watch the video here.

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