Train Like a Pro with 10 Rounds
10 rounds boxing workout

Boxing is hot, and for good reason.  It gets results.

If you’ve ever wanted to try boxing but felt a little intimidated going into a boxing studio or taking a class at a gym, I have the solution. Joel Freeman, the creator of LIIFT4 and co-creator of Core de Force, has poured his knowledge and expertise into his newest program, 10 Rounds.

Boxing + Weight training + killer music = results. I want YOU to be the first to try it.

How It Works

This five-days-a-week, six-week program is built around the simple, precise, and effective principles of boxing like strength, stamina, and speed. Joel places as much emphasis on footwork as he does fist work, demonstrating that the power of 10 Rounds starts at your feet, working up through your hips and core, and radiating out through your fists to tone the body and blast through calories.

Here’s the drill:

  • 3 days of boxing combined with conditioning to build power, speed/agility, and endurance
  • 2 days of weightlifting, including upper body and lower body (since every punch starts at your feet)

Boxing workouts are broken up into 10, 3-minute rounds for a total workout time of 30-40 minutes and include classic moves like the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

No sparring partners; no punching bags; no gimmicks. Just you. Zero impact. All the intensity.

This sample workout is free, open to anyone to try, and gives a fantastic overview of this program. If you like the sample workout, you will love the full program. If you’re ready to step into the ring, join me for early VIP access on March 16!

The best part is that 10 Rounds will be available right in the Beachbody on Demand (BOD) platform, so you can stream any time you’d like.

Let’s get ready to rumble!  Message me for packages and pricing and to grab your spot in my VIP group.

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