My Top Cleaning Products

top cleaning products

So you might know my passion for EATING clean.  And, like everyone else, I love having a clean HOME, too — in more ways than one.

There are tons of products on the market for people to clean their houses, and of course, not all of them are responsibly made, good for the environment, or supportive of local business. I do my best to lean into eco-friendly products whenever I can, but sometimes, you just need good ol’ Lysol to do the trick. 

I thought I’d give you a little peek into what I use – it’s such a perfect time to prioritize hygiene and cleanliness than in this season of crazy illness, and do it in an eco-friendly way! 

Cleaning Products and Brands I Love


  • Method
    I’ve LOVED this brand since it came out on the market! I love their mission, natural emphasis, plant-based ingredients, and compostability. My favorite Method product is the wipes, which are easy to just grab and go. My top tip for really keeping my family clean? Placing these wipes at the point of use. Instead of stashing them in some cabinet, I put a container everywhere we might need them — on the counters, in the bathroom, by the workout equipment, and other high-touch areas. Staying clean means having products ready wherever you’re living life!
  • ThreeMain
    How cool is it when people pioneer great ideas that not only work, but benefit the environment, too? ThreeMain follows a simple, yet genius concept: refill the bottle, not the entire product. Their Clean Green Starter Kit includes three tin, reusable bottles for liquid dish soap, multi-surface cleaner, and bathroom cleaner. And when it’s time, they’ll send you a refill set to replenish your containers. (Plus, they smell amazing!)
  • Lysol
    I know, I know — not a super earth-friendly product here. But Lysol Disinfectant Spray is classic and it gets the job done, especially when your main priority is a germ-free house. Lately, I’ve been Lysoling everything. It may not be the most organic thing available, but it works! If you have any other recommendations, I’m all ears.
  • Young Living Oils
    I just love these things. They’re so easy to use! I’m currently rocking Citrus Fresh, which I like to mix with Evergreen or Peppermint for an even fresher combo. And they’re great for so much more than just making your house smell good. In this sometimes-gloomy late winter season, essential oils can reinvigorate the energy in your house and provide an uplifting freshness. And, of course, my favorite part of this product is that I get to support my friend — another female entrepreneur. Yay for women-led local business!
  • Rinse
    You’ve heard it at least 5,000 times in the past few weeks: wash your hands!!! Why not wash with something you love that also smells AMAZING? That’s why I’m totally digging Rinse hand soap in one of my favorite scents, sweet vanilla. Rinse is, yet again, another small business that I love to support. And when the bar is gone, there’s no plastic to dispose of either. “But Julie, my hands are getting SO dry with all this washing!” Well while you are on the website getting their soap, snag one of Rinse’s convenient (and fun!) solid lotion sticks, which are super portable and less mess than traditional lotion. If you’re a parent, your kids will love these, too.

And that’s it! Like my health and fitness philosophy, my cleaning regimen is pretty simple and fuss-free. Have a recommendation for a product you think I just HAVE to try? Shoot me a note! I’d love to hear what’s in your cleaning closet. 

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