The Best Shoes for Your Workout

Nike Metcon

One of the questions I get asked the most, hands down, is “what shoes do I recommend for working out?” Now, I’m a Nike girl, but have tried many different brands and through experience (at home workouts, teaching, training, on stage, in my basement), have found some brands and styles that work for me and different types of workouts, so I wanted to share my thoughts and #FierceFavorites today!

Let’s face it. The obsession is real. I like shoes and I cannot lie. Fitness shoes mostly. Give me all the Nikes, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok, anything I can wear in a workout and IRL (in real life). My live classes know that if I walk into class with a new pair of shoes on, IT IS ON!

No matter what my workout, but especially 80 Day Obsession, having a new pair of shoes makes me feel FIERCE. I’ve gone through different brands and over the years, I’ve preferred certain brands for certain workouts.  Something that has remained constant though is my love of Nike shoes. I vividly remember coveting a pair of Nike’s…I spent days thinking about them, nights dreaming about them, and it’s pretty clear that is where my fitness shoe obsession began.

Nowadays I might not dream about new shoes but wearing a pair of fabulous brand-spankin’ new kicks absolutely make a difference in my workout, physically and mentally. And since, shoe technology can change in a minute, I’m sharing the shoes that I’m loving RIGHT NOW with full knowledge that this will change. Ask me in 6 months and I have no doubt there will be a new style in my closet

Nike MetCon & Trainers

Nike MetCon The Nike MetCon is my current favorite.  I love the support and flexibility. They are my shoes of choice most days, especially for all home workouts. The MetCon and the Nike Trainers are my go-to shoes every day. Both styles are light enough for HIIT workouts but provide nice support.

Nike FlyKnit

Now I’ve been loving the FlyKnit technology for quite some time, but it can be tricky to find a shoe with it that also feels supportive. I like a shoe that has gives my foot a “hugged’ feeling, almost like I forget I have shoes on but don’t feel too light or that constantly slip/need to be re-tied. So some of the Flyknits are amazing, but some don’t work for me. The pair that I’m loving right now is the Nike Air Vapormax FlyKnit. Some might find the giant air cushions are bit off-putting. I LOVE them. These are perfect for running and they work for me for my at-home workouts too. Plus to me, they look freaking cool!

Reebok Hayasu

Now, let’s talk kickboxing! When I teach Turbo, Core de Force, or any sort of Cardio Kickboxing, I wear Reebok Hayasu. This style was recommended to me by Jericho McMatthews, the creator of the CORE DE FORCE home and live format. It’s a higher rise than I would normally wear and that, along with the lightness, makes it perfect for kickboxing. The other feature that really lends this shoe to kickboxing – or even dance – the format is the pivot point on the bottom.  That helps with twisting, turning, and light-on-your-feet agility movement. I will caution you: I’m having a harder time finding the Hayasu, so I encourage you to get ‘em while you can. If Reebok discontinues this style, then we will all be finding ourselves a new shoe for kickboxing!

Nike Air Max 95 LX

I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE wearing these Nike Air Max 95 LX out and about during my day!!  So much support, so much fashion!  They are heavier than a workout shoe, so this is my errand-running, pick-up-the-girls shoes, NOT my walk-around-Disney shoe. Just like we have different shoes for different occasions — black heels, snow boots, sandals — it’s okay to have different athleisure shoes for different life activities!! 

Shoes are very personal. A brand that is someone’s jam is someone else’s nemesis. And that’s okay because there are SO many brands out there! Here’s the deal though, we have to do our research to find brands that work for us AND we have to commit to replacing our shoes frequently. Yes, I said FREQUENTLY… That means every 3 months. Because if you are still wearing the shoes you bought 2 years ago, you are seriously putting your body at risk.

We have to take good care of our feet because everything moves up from there.  We want healthy feet, healthy knees, a healthy back.  That means good and appropriate support for our feet, EVEN when we’re “just” running errands. 

Every human is worth the investment of good shoes to keep our bodies safe and our fitness effective, and we’re worth that investment 4-6 times a year. I find so many Moms who will buy their kids every new shoe on the planet….but will wear their 5-year-old Keds to do Insanity.   Please, that’s not even funny! Invest in shoes and your body will thank you in SO many ways. 

What’s YOUR favorite brand? I’d love to know what shoe you wear! Tag me on Instagram @julievoris and let me know!

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