Julie Voris: A Coach Will Ask You Questions You Won’t Ask Yourself

Today’s episode is an excerpt from an IG Live conversation in mid-February. I decided to share this on the podcast because I feel like it has some valuable truthlove that will be helpful on your personal growth journey. We talk about making noticeable progress each year, as well as the impact that coaching can have in moving forward with your goals.


I start the conversation by talking about recent podcast guests and what you can expect to hear in the episodes with professional organizer Maria Baer and Host of the Imagineer Podcast, Matthew Krul. If you missed those episodes, please find them linked below! 


I see a lot of women in my coaching team in the same place on their personal growth journeys  that they were the year before. I’m referring to women in general telling themselves the same stories, having the same limiting beliefs and not doing the internal work to actually make an effort towards making progress. This opened up a conversation with my friend Brad Bizjack.


I encourage you to think about if you are in the same place that you were last year in terms of your personal growth journey. You’re doing the work with the mindset coach, and going to the conferences, but are you really doing the work. Are you running away from growth the second you get uncomfortable? 


It’s that moment that you start to get a little uncomfortable, something starts to click, starts to shift. That’s the difference between people who choose to create success and people who don’t. The people that walk away when it starts to get uncomfortable and the people that choose to grow through it and own it. 


The mindset coach that I’ve been working with, Brad Bizjack, has helped me achieve my dream of moving to Florida YEARS before I thought I would. The clarity that it gave me is helping me live my best life. I chose to invest in myself, and it changed my life. 


A member of the Project100 community, Kelly, the Founder and Owner of the Confectionary Soaps Co. sent me some amazing candles with Disney inspired scents. I decide which one I will light to start the day with intention. I also share the affirmation card of the day. Let’s make sure that we are not in the same place this time next year. And the only way we do that is by intentional action.


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