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Lou Mongello: Magic in the Mastermind

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We are closing out the Disney month of magic with my amazing guest Lou Mongello. Lou Mongello is an Author, Speaker and Disney Podcast Host. In this episode, he shares his wisdom about how to make the most of the mastermind, as well as his famous top 10 list for what to do when visiting Disney World. 

[06:45] The Origin Story of The Mastermind

Lou talks about starting out as a solopreneur and when he first heard of the mastermind concept. Before becoming part of a mastermind, Lou talks about having imposter syndrome, and I can relate to this as well, not feeling qualified to be in that position. It’s a common response when starting out. Lou was a podcaster in the early days of podcasting in 2005. At that time, when not many people were familiar with podcasting, he realized how having support from like-minded people is so important. His first mastermind was focused in the podcasting space. 

[12:57] Ideas for Momentum

Lou had attended a conference and left feeling so inspired by what he learned. But afterwards, life got in the way and his ideas stayed in his notebook. He didn’t have the chance to implement them. He realized that there could be a more effective format for learning. This is how the idea for Momentum began. He talks about the formats for his masterminds and the ideas that they are based on. Accountability for example.

[21:25] Intentional Environments 

Lou and I discuss the ideal environment to facilitate a successful mastermind. A feeling of trust, connection and a leader of the group are all essential elements. Lou talks about a person from his mastermind, that he supported through accountability to help him take consistent action to write the book he wanted to write. Masterminds should be cultivated with intention, and as the facilitator, Lou is invested in each person.

[27:33] Launching A Mastermind

We talk about what you will need to start a mastermind. You have to believe in yourself. He talks about his strategy for setting up the structure of a mastermind, and being ready to challenge people as a facilitator. 

[30:13] Mental Preparation and Tackling the Hesitation

I ask Lou about his advice for people that may be hesitant to join a mastermind. One way to do this is to treat it like an investment rather than a monthly cost. You are investing in your future. Instead of looking at the ending goal, look at the milestones and the little wins along the way. Another part of it is believing that you are worthy of the progress you are trying to achieve.  

[37:38] Momentum and The Weekend Retreat

Lou talks about his mastermind weekend retreat. He takes care of all the details like food, lodging and comfort to create an open and trusting environment. It’s a time to leave the other details of your life at the door. This is a time for YOU. I remind people that there are many formats to choose from within Lou’s programs and it’s important to listen to what resonates with you. By listening to what feels right, that’s your entry point. But also recognize that feeling a little uncomfortable is comfortable. 

[45:44] The Famous Top 10 List

I ask Lou about the top 10 list of what people should do if they are visiting Walt Disney World. 

Number 10 – Visit The Magic Kingdom. He talks about being a lover for nostalgia and to enjoy that world and reminisce on feeling like a kid again.

Number 9 – People watch and allow yourself to feel all the emotions.

Number 8 – Interact with the cast members as much as possible because they are the magic makers. 

Number 7 – Live your Star Wars adventure in Galaxy’s Edge, even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan, just immerse yourself in the land around you. 

Number 6 – Find your entry point. If you are traveling with someone who is not a Disney fan, there is something for everyone. It’s also about experiencing it in a way that feels good for you, and that differs from person to person.

Number 5 – Visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It is spectacular and makes you feel something.

Number 4 – The live entertainment is exceptional.

Lou shares some of his favorite restaurants in Disney World.

Number 3 – Satu’li Canteen for counter service in the animal kingdom

Number 2 – Lou’s favorite, The Boathouse Restaurant and Topolino’s Terrace- Flavors of the Riviera. 

Number 1 – The overall best dining experience. Takumi-Tei in the Japanese pavilion in Epcot.

Lou’s favorite character meal for people with kids is the Garden Grove restaurant. 

[1:00:33] The Full Disney Experience

We talk about the wonder and the storytelling that Walt envisioned when creating the parks. I share some of the magical moments and shows and how that has evolved over the years. It’s all about elevating the experience for people to make their experience memorable. The same mindset can apply to elevating your business as well. We conclude with sharing how to connect with Lou.

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