HIGH VIBE 30 Starts June 1st!!!

Take control of your habits and mindset to create your life on purpose with purpose. 

I watched lives seriously CHANGE last year with Project 100 and I’m passionate and steadfast in my belief this operating system of simple habits CAN change your life.

‘I’ve discovered I’m a better version of myself. I have felt happier and more at peace. I tend to compare myself with others – I know I know we’re not supposed to do that. And this week I have slowed down on doing that and have let myself be me. Feels pretty darn good.’ ~Debbie

‘‘Thank you for this project! I honestly didn’t think it would make such a huge difference so quickly! I can’t wait to see how I feel on Day 100!!’ ~Mehna

‘It’s amazing how changing just one or two small things in my daily routine can change my whole outlook on the day. I feel more accomplished. I feel more in control of what will happen in my day, week, etc. I just feel HAPPIER. I am proud of ME, for committing to 100 days of ME!' ~Jessica

'I am loving journaling everyday and doing my 4min meditation. It has been a nice reflection from the previous day and what needs improvement or how to tackle today. I have noticed more patience (I have 3 kids so it’s a work in progress) and a more sense of calm. I joined in for Turbo Saturday and LOVED IT! I am still new to coaching and only have 1 customer so far but I am loving my own personal transformation. Thanks for your always cheerful wisdom!' ~Erin 

'I’ve noticed some significant changes due to personal development and meditation – two things I never did before this group. I’m more vocal and clear about my needs and goals. I’ve challenged my children to be more independent. I’m tackling my To Do list with clarity and more focus. My nutrition is on-point; something I haven’t done in years and the numbers on the scale reflect this! Thank you for this group.' ~Laura

More Details about Project 100:

Join us for the last 30 days of this Spring Training for HIGH VIBE 30, starting June 1st!!

Here's What's Required to Participate in Project 100:

  • Choose a nutrition plan that works for you and follow it 100%.  I will be following 2B Mindset and intuitive eating -- speaking of 2B Mindset, Ilana Muhlstein, creator of 2B Mindset, will be on my podcast next month! 
  • Move your body with intention every day, using your BOD membership! Do whatever workout fits your life right now and is bringing you joy right now.  I don't care what your workout is, I care that you move your body every day and pair that with products that help you feel and function your best. 
  • Daily Supplements - Shakeology or the Performance line, your choice!! 
  • Get outside {with purpose}  at least 15 minutes daily.  Take a walk, meditate, listen to a podcast - whatever works, as long as it's with purpose and increases your energy.  
  • Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day.
  • Write Goals and Gratitude daily. 
  • Track daily in an e-book I’ll provide and in our private  BODgroup app.
  • Read 10 pages / listen to 20 minutes personal growth (nonfiction) daily.

Join us for the last 30 days of this Spring Training for HIGH VIBE 30, starting June 1st!!

Meet Julie.

Hi! I'm Julie and I've been teaching group fitness for 20+ years and virtually coaching women for 12 of those years!

As a virtual fitness coach, I provide the space and community to allow my clients to create a consistent routine that supports the healthy lifestyle they want to live! I work with women to incorporate fitness into their life in ANY season.

I believe in the transformative power of creating a consistent fitness routine because I've seen women thrive when they say yes to CONSISTENCY.