Kayla Ybanez: Finding Opportunity in Adversity

In this episode, I talk with Kayla Ybanez. Kayla is an entrepreneur, business strategist and network marketing expert. She went from hustle mode, working a variety of jobs, to being forced to stop when her daughter almost lost her life. While living out of the hospital for an extended period of time, she built a business from her daughter’s bedside. Her story is unimaginable, but so inspiring. She stepped into her power and turned her circumstances into an opportunity.


Kayla shares her origin story which starts with her having an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age. She’s always been someone who’s looked for opportunity. I was very excited to hear that one of Kayla’s first big career moves was making a fan page for Corbin Bleu on Myspace. The fan community grew into something much bigger and opened so many doors for opportunity. 


After graduating college, Kayla knew that the next thing she wanted to do was have kids. While starting a family, she moved into hustle mode, working multiple jobs and many hours a week. From there, she was introduced to the network marketing space. After running herself to the ground, working so hard, the universe forced her to stop. Her three year old daughter at the time was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. 


Things kept getting worse for her daughter in the hospital. The seriousness of the situation set in and Kayla realized that she was not going to be able to return to work for a very long time. She turned to social media to document her journey. That turned into Kayla doing coaching and consulting from the hospital on social media. She took an unfortunate situation and made something out of it.


Kayla shares the timeline of her daughter’s medical journey. She describes bringing her daughter home like bringing home a brand new baby. The timing was problematic with the launch of Kayla’s business, but she decided to just go for it, because really, what other option did she have than to step into it? 

[24:24] SHOWING UP

Kayla was adjusting to a whole new life taking care of her daughter, building her business and caring for the other members of her family. She embraced her authenticity in her situation while working with clients. Kayla looks at hitting rock bottom through the lens of opportunity and what it helped her to create.


As you grow more successful, new challenges arise. But you get stronger and smarter. It’s the growth of not settling for average. Kayla shares what she’s working on now. She has two sectors of business, coaching and consulting, and she has been growing her team. She also started a marketing and management agency. We talk about how being forced into a difficult situation pushes us to level up and really find out what we’re made of. 


Kayla shares how her daughter is doing now. It’s truly a medical miracle and her personality shows she’s here to do big things. I also had to ask about Corbin Bleu because this Disney lover just can’t help it! I am so grateful to have had Kayla here to share her story. She is a great reminder of how strong we are as humans and what we can do when we step into owning our life.


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