Six Steps to a Calmer Mind and Happier Life

six steps to a calmer mind and happier life

The tapestry of mental wellness is vast and intricate, interwoven with our daily experiences and the choices we make. In a society bustling with demands and pressures, finding balance and happiness can sometimes feel like a distant dream.

Yet, it doesn’t need to be like this.

It’s time to redefine mental wellness, to embrace it not just as an absence of illness but as a proactive journey towards a happier, more fulfilled you.

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Life Transitions

Life throws us into transitions that stir a concoction of emotions. Take, for example, the bittersweet reality of a child stepping into the high school years.

Balancing the emotional weight of these moments with the responsibilities they entail calls for a resilient mindset.

It’s about acknowledging these feelings without allowing them to anchor us to a standstill. As we navigate these transitions, the support of loved ones and the understanding that we are not alone become pillars of strength.

Misconceptions Around Mental Health

There’s a prevailing myth that mental health orbits solely around thoughts and feelings. However, mental wellness extends beyond and requires action and support. It’s a holistic journey that melds mind, body, and spirit.

By embracing apps like Growth Day, we learn to cultivate personal growth that resonates through various aspects of life — from relationships to business and beyond.

The Puzzle of Daily Choices

Reality, Connection, Freedom

Every morning, we stand at the crossroads of choices that sculpt our reality. It’s in the daily decisions — to connect, to embrace freedom, to be mindful — that we create our narrative. But why is there a dwindling faith in the necessity of health and healing?

Perhaps we have compartmentalized wellness to our detriment. Such an approach may lead to emotional eating and other maladaptive behaviors.

Mindfulness, Health, Belief

Mindfulness and a belief in the importance of health are instrumental. In the episode with Dr. John DeLoney, I share my struggle to quell the cacophony in my mind, a sentiment many women share as they age.

It’s interesting because the question that I’ve been asking myself is that I feel like a lot of women my age, my generation are asking themselves, maybe not in these exact words, but I keep saying I kept saying, how can I feel better?


And especially as you get older, you know, the physical part and and all of that, and that’s all well and good, but there’s a lot of emotional turmoil that comes along as a parent, mom or dad, but especially for women, as we get older, and I kept saying, how can I feel better? ~Julie Voris

Mental peace is not just the absence of noise; it’s the presence of harmony within ourselves. And that peace doesn’t mean ignoring emotions — they are meant to be felt genuinely.

The Societal Pressure Cooker

Women, in particular, find themselves in a vise of expectations that often affirm worry as the only selfless emotion. In the podcast episode, John highlights the unfair narrative and the guilt women bear, propelled by the pervasive chant that they should always be doing more to feel better.

And so women, especially, are told, if you just get this promotion, if you just do get these right clothes, if you get this right car, to get a house that looks like this, a laundry room that looks like this, a kitchen looks then it then finally, you’re gonna feel, and it’s a lie. It’s just not true. ~Dr. John DeLoney

The acknowledgment that this isn’t necessarily true is liberating. Instead, finding strength in vulnerability and the full spectrum of emotions is the key to authentic mental wellness.

Beyond The Surface: Emotional Depth and Upbringing

Our upbringing often leaves a silent but lasting imprint on our approaches to mental wellness. Self-awareness becomes a beacon, guiding us to set an example for our children.

It’s vital to confront and process these “emotional bricks” from our traumas, to set them down in favor of healing and forgiveness, thus changing the narrative for future generations.

The Power of Human Connection

Studies that isolate individuals miss the significance of human connection. We thrive in communities, and this podcast episode echoes this sentiment. Listeners are encouraged to separate work from personal life and to seek and bolster connections that sustain and elevate us.

Building Non-Anxious Lives

Building a non-anxious life isn’t an easy feat, yet viewing anxiety as a partner rather than an adversary reframes the challenge, opening up a path toward managing it with deliberate, daily choices.

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