The Mindset of Weight Loss with Ilana Muhlstein

After spending an entire childhood viewing food as her partner in crime and the caretaker of her soul, Ilana Muhlstein realized that she had to make a change. Years of seeing her weight yo-yo back and forth and realizing the impact it had on her health were the catalyst she needed to make a change. Now Ilana is a Registered Dietitian and has created the 2B Mindset program that she has been teaching to men and women all over the world, which uses the mindset of weight loss. Listen as she shares more about her story and why she is a firm believer in the scale. Plus you must absolutely connect with her through TikTok and Instagram – she’s funny and relatable and smart and entertaining – all the good stuff!

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[02:32] Ilana’s Background and Story

Her earliest memories are of using food as her partner in crime. Her parents divorced when she was very young and she dealt with the upheaval of her childhood through emotional eating. Listen as she shares more about her early years and why they’re still with her today. 

[06:24] How the Cycle of Weight Loss and Gain Affected Her Mindset

Each year she’d come home from camp feeling great for having lost weight but throughout the school year she’d gain even more. By the time she was a senior in high school she knew the cycle had to change. Which is when she created the 2B Mindset that she teaches others today.

[09:14] It Fostered Her Current Career

Because of her experience she decided that if she was going to help others with their weight loss, she needed to have the school to back it up. She went to school, got her degrees, and then was hired by UCLA to teach her methods to their professors and staff. 

[13:18] Why Do We Make Nutrition so Hard?

Many of us, and our clients, wonder why we as humans make nutrition so much harder than it has to be. The reality is we have too many food choices and the industry is huge. There isn’t a push to eat in a nutritious way because someone is always profiting off of the processed garbage that we have available. 

[15:52] How Much of Our Diet Is Culturally Based? 

Ilana has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of people who come in all shapes, sizes, and cultures and can attest to the role of culture and personal history in weight determination. Listen as she shares some of her experiences and those of her clients’.

[19:15] Positive Self-Talk is a Requirement For Moms 

Reminder that our children are watching us. The way you talk about yourself and view yourself is being passed on to your daughters. When they look in the mirror, what do you want them to say and think about themselves? Now do the same for yourself. Also learn why you need to see your scale as an accountability partner NOT an enemy.

[28:06] Be Happy With Any Number 

You have to focus on effort not outcome. No number is wrong if you’re working to live a more healthful life. The number on your scale is data. It means nothing about you as a person. Release yourself from that belief and use the information that the scale provides you.

[33:28] The Scale is Best When You’re Significantly Overweight 

When you’re 20lbs or more overweight, you likely don’t feel terrible when you eat things that don’t agree with you. Your body isn’t telling you that it doesn’t like what you’re putting into it because you feel better for having eaten more. You may not be able to feel the physical cues at this point in your journey. This is why the scale is important. If you’re chiseled and eat something a little off, you’re going to be more aware of how it makes you feel. 

[36:32] Why Ilana Loves TikTok 

It’s so much easier for her to just be herself when she’s making fun and funny videos. Plus she loves to work with teenagers and that’s where teenagers are. She wants to empower them to make healthy choices now. Her goal is to be a role model for healthy eating and understanding that it can still taste amazing.

[42:16] You Can’t Be Body Positive If…

You need to be doing good things for your body. If you struggle doing the good things for your body then you’re not in a state of body positivity. You need to move, feed, and water your body in a way that is healthy to be truly body positive.

[49:27] Ilana’s Favorites…

Favorite Movie – Clueless
Favorite Book – Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
Favorite Place to Travel – Israel
Food she would take to a deserted island – Cauliflower Rice
Brings her joy – Her family

[51:20] Give Yourself Grace

These have been some terrible times for family, but remember to give yourself grace. Even if you gained weight or fell into bad habits, you can still lose it and get back on track. These times have been hard so be gentle and kind to yourself and others.


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