From the Midwest to Broadway with Becca Petersen Part 1

From the cornfields to the Broadway stage, Becca Petersen is a Carmel, Indiana native who is pursuing her passions and making it big in NYC. Listen as she shares her journey from a small town in the middle of the Midwest to the heart of NYC and the ways she has set herself apart from the crowd. Becca is one of the kindest people I know and it was fantastic getting to chat with her in this two-part interview. During this interview she shared more about the inner workings of Broadway and the path she is on toward her goals and dreams. 

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[02:34] Welcome Becca Petersen

Becca grew up in Carmel, Indiana. Listen as we chat about how we met, why Jessy and I started following Becca and how she’s impacted our lives.

[07:01] Carmel to Broadway

Becca grew up in Carmel and had opportunities to perform and hone her craft. She credits the high school and the local theatre scene for fanning the flames of her passion to create art through performance.

[10:06] The Moment She Knew She Wanted to Perform

She grew up in Carmel but then they moved to Germany and back. Listen as she shares the moment that she realized her dream was to spend her life in the spotlight performing for the masses on stage.

[14:43] She Lived and Breathed Show Choir

Show choir at Carmel High School was when she first started singing and dancing at the same time. She was also training at Performer’s Edge and she absolutely loved the entire musical theatre community that she was exposed to.

[19:40] Then Came Out of College with an Agent

Not everyone gets a musical theatre showcase in college. Very few people leave college with an agent. So what set Becca apart from all of the other talented people that were in her graduating class? I’m convinced it’s kindness, her work ethic,  and the energy she brings to every conversation and interaction.

[24:57] Intuition, Listening to Your Gut & Taking the Risk

Becca didn’t take the very first agency offer. She trusted her gut and went freelance and had an amazing run of auditions. Listen as she shares her post-college journey and finding her way to broadway.

[30:12] The Prom

Learn how she became involved with the creation and production of The Prom which was later adapted by Netflix into an original film. 

[36:47] Then it Went Live

Her initial role in the production was as a workshop member, but she did see the show through to fruition. She was able to perform it in Atlanta. She booked one of the ensemble tracks in the show because of what she did in the original workshop.

[38:31] … and Led to Her Role in Mean Girls

Casey Nicholaw started working on the Mean Girls production with Tina Fey and brought several of the The Prom cast members over. Then later The Prom came to Broadway but Mean Girls was just getting started, so they went the route of recasting it.


After spending so much time in the process of creating The Prom, it was amazing to watch it come to life on Netflix. So many of the people involved in the process got together and reconnected when it debuted.

[43:31] A Quick Rundown of Becca’s Timeline

The Prom Lab was her first job in New York. Then she was cast in The Newsies tour. After that she did the out of town tryout/show for The Prom. Then she went back to Newsies for the final week. After that she went into Bandstand. When it closed, the next day, she started working on the out of town version of Mean Girls.

[48:51] Why Being a Swing Was the Perfect Way to Learn Broadway

For those who don’t know, a swing knows multiple parts of a show and can step into almost any role for any reason. Becca was a swing for Bandstand and it was truly an invaluable experience. Learn why.


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