Lisa DiNoto: Leaving Wallstreet For Disney Magic

In this episode, my guest is …… Lisa DiNoto. We talk about her many passions and how she followed her purpose to create the life she knew she wanted to live. 

[4:23] The Move to Orlando 

Lisa made big changes and embraced the unknown when she quit her law job and moved her family to Orlando, Florida in 2016. Her new reality consists of riding the rides at Disney World with her kids on a random Wednesday evening. She built their life in a way where that was possible. Prior to the move, she was unhappy in the life that she was living, working extremely long hours at her law job. She wasn’t quite sure what she would pursue next, but she decided to give herself some time to daydream and figure it out. She talks about her early career and the journey that led her to where she is now. Lisa encourages people to follow their hearts to make a change, even if their lives look good on paper. We talk about how making a decision doesn’t close the door to other opportunities. No choice is forever. We should honor what feels right in the moment.

[19:55] Clinging To the Moment VS. Living In It

Lisa and I reminisce on forcing ourselves to be present during moments of visiting Disney because we knew that we’d miss it so much one day. Lisa talks about her experience living her life in that setting now with her kids growing up at Disney. While it doesn’t bring the same rush of adrenaline that it used to, they are able to experience the parks in a new way, as an after-school activity. She now experiences moments of gratitude and wonder realizing the gift of living in such a fun place.

[30:25] Wise Words from Harvard 

Lisa talks about her experience speaking with a career services counselor when she was a student at Harvard Law. She quotes her analogy and talks about how it’s important to be aware of what you’re drawn to. This idea really clicked with her and she took a step back to observe what kind of environments she was drawn to, and what things she was choosing because of it.  We relate the conversation back to intuitively knowing when a place just clicks. And understanding what about it draws you there. Lisa talks about how Disney is more than just characters, and rides, and food. It lights something up in her soul. We talk about how we often feel incapacitated by possibilities, but we should really allow ourselves to pursue what we are naturally drawn to. The key is to just start. 

[44:26] You Can Do Anything You Want

Lisa talks about having many interests, and how she’s always had a love for tangible products when often living in a cerebral, academic world. She talks about her love for scents and how our sense of smell is so powerful in terms of memory. She tells a story about sharing an idea about candles with a stranger. At that moment she realized that she wanted to make something within this hole in the market. She tells me about how she started to embark on the journey of making the candles. Along this journey, she was able to incorporate a variety of her passions into the process.

[56:58] The Pieces That Come Together

I talk about how an initial goal can open up our worlds in so many ways. It can get you closer to the things that you love and create a community that supports you in pursuit of your passion. After living her life as a high-stakes lawyer, Lisa’s previous self would have been surprised to see that she has a candle business now. But in reality, the candles are the vessel that brings together these many loves in her life and provides fulfillment on a higher level. We talk about how women often live in the either/or mentality when really we should be saying and. We can do all the things.

[1:04:40] The Candle Collaboration

We talk about a very special candle that we’re working on. I share my vision for women lighting this candle while prioritizing themselves and creating a vibe of intention while aligning their day with their goals and dreams. Lisa the power of adding smell to a ritual, using smell to curate and elevate their mindset.  

[1:09:24] Conclusion

We share how to connect with Lisa. Please find the resources below. I ask Lisa, what project 100 means to her and how she’s living her best life every day. 

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you!


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