Brock Johnson: Entrepreneurship Roots to Exponential Growth

In this episode, my guest is entrepreneur, Instagram expert, and podcaster Brock Johnson. Brock and I discuss social media, entrepreneurship, and adaptability in business. This conversation highlights the importance of taking the risk and just getting started with your idea. You never know where it may lead you, but you’ll certainly never find out if you don’t try. 

[3:00] Origin Story 

Brock talks about how he was raised in an entrepreneurial family with his parents modeling business ownership in a variety of different industries. They encouraged him and his sister to explore their interests and passions. They led by example in showing the positives of entrepreneurship and also being transparent about the downsides. He talks about exploring the idea of starting a business from a very young age. His early stages of entrepreneurship involved selling hand-drawn portraits and tying unique shoelaces for his classmates. His parents encouraged and supported him through his interests and endeavors. We talk about how what is modeled for us by our parents is so powerful, and how their doing provides an example to go after what we want in the world. 

[9:21] College Transitions

Brock talks about his experience being in college as a student and athlete. Though he was very fortunate, he had the desire to figure out how to make his own money and support the lifestyle that he wanted. At this time, Snapchat was becoming big. He saw the opportunity in teaching the older generations how to use and keep their kids safe on Snapchat. He created a business called Unwrap Snap. He started out with no experience but took the first step. He talks about self-imposed deadlines, recognizing your skill, and taking it to the next level. 

[20:39] The Opportunities of Pandemic Times 

After overcoming some hurdles and with the changes of the pandemic, his business really began to grow. Brock began to work with Instagram full-time. He talks about moving to Seattle because he had the freedom with his business. He talks about his plans to live his dream to live in an airstream trailer and travel around the US before moving back to California. We talk about how the pandemic shook things up in a way that created new opportunities. Current times and technology allow us to do things that were never possible before. We discuss generational and cultural shifts with thinking about entrepreneurship, wealth, and freedom.

[29:03] The Constant Evolution of The Social Media Business

Brock talks about the transition of Unwrap Snap turning into teaching business owners to use Instagram. There was a mass exodus from Snapchat so he switched over to Instagram, and called his business InstaClubHub. He talks about the services and coaching he provided. It started out with courses, training videos, and live training. It is now an Instagram coaching membership. Because Instagram changes so much, he and his mom’s business has to be very flexible, just like the app. He focuses on education around new features, Insta actions, and helping people build positive habits around Instagram. He stresses the importance of continuously evolving and changing. 

[37:48] The Beginning of Reels

Brock talks about when he discovered Reels. He wanted to challenge himself with consistency with Reels. He did the 30 reels in 30 days. He was providing value, teaching people and experiencing massive growth. Six to seven months later, he is still doing a reel a day and has only missed three days in that time period. His actions have led to exponential growth, typically 1500 to 2000 followers a day. We talk about the WHY behind gaining followers. Thinking of it more as a community to be of service to. His business is based in taking some of the fear and overwhelm out of social media, and simplifying what you need to do on Instagram into steps. 

[44:50] Tips For Using Social Media Depending On Your Level

Brock recommends starting a new profile if you are wanting to make the switch from using it for family to business. His second tip is to identify your niche. His third tip is to just get started. To make great content, there will be some bad content involved. Stop trying to make A+ level content. Quantity breeds quality. We talk about tips for people who have been using social media for a while and are ready to take it to the next level. Brock recommends getting hyper-focused on a niche for growth. By focusing on one specific area this allows you to become an expert in that area. We talk about different success stories of social media accounts that are becoming wildly successful within these hyper-focused areas. 

[58:03] Advice to Consider

Brock shares a quote of his that he lives by, “She who starts and fails will always be ahead of she who fails to start.” Brock wants to encourage people to just get started. It can be tough to overcome perfectionism and people-pleasing. We all struggle with it. But we are all our own biggest critics. There is more positivity and support out there than you may think. It’s really what you make of it and what you engage with. 

[1:00:06] Conclusion and How to Connect with Brock

We share Brock’s social media handles and how to connect with his business services. Please find the resources below.

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you! 


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