Julie Voris: How the Compass Planner Came to Be

[01:54] HABITS

Habits are the cornerstone of my life. They are the reason for everything. I rely on habits because habits are choices. Choices create ripple effects for everything in my future. What I do today creates the tomorrow I want to live. That is the same for everyone.

[06:18] 100 DAYS

The year 2020 was hard. I had the idea of creating an easy program focused around habits to help navigate this hard period of time. I wanted to string something together that would give us one positive thing to practice each day to get us through the last 100 days of the year. The idea was that anyone could do it. 

[09:23] THE PROGRAM 

I put this idea of positive habits for 100 days together, and this is how Project100 was created. I wanted daily habits to help tap into calm, confidence, and clarity as well as eliminate decision fatigue and leverage the power of community. It worked! I had people doing this challenge that talked about how creating habits over these 100 days gave them motivation to get through the year. This led me to wanting to keep going into the next year.  

[11:00] STRUCTURE 

I knew I needed to create structure with the program, and that’s when I started working on a planner. After working on the planner for a while, I knew it was going to be so much more than just a planner. It was going to be a compass that would help guide people in the direction they want their life to go and what habits they need to create to get them there. 


The planner portion of the Compass Planner focuses on actions you need to take each day, whereas the compass portion is the vision for your life. The idea of this was to have people wake up each day with passion knowing that they will create habits that will guide them in the directions they want to go in life. It creates a life on purpose with purpose. 

[16:55] VISION

What we aren’t changing, we’re choosing. If we are not creating habits that will help with the tomorrow we want to live, then we will not fulfill our vision. The Compass Planner is a tool to help us with creating daily habits that will lead us to the future we envision for ourselves.     


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