Julie Voris: Fight for Your Goals and Dreams Like Your Life Depends on It

In this episode, I invite you into my kitchen for a recent Energize Live conversation with my community. Energize Live is my morning ritual where we come together on Instagram Live around conversations that get us fired up and inspired for the day. As the month of August came to a close, I invited my community to reflect on how they were making progress towards their goals and dreams and I gave them some truth love. We talk about putting your a** where your heart is, and advocating for your ideas like your life depends on it. 


Where did August go? It feels like it flew by. Did you make the most of the month? Because you don’t get that time back, but you can do better going forward. 


I am going to share two pieces that I heard on a podcast recently by speaker and author, Jon Acuff. Jon was interviewing Steven Pressfield and he said “Put your a** where your heart is.” It means that if you have a calling on your heart, sit down in the chair and get to work. Whatever it may be, writing a book or building a business, stop talking about it and be about it. 


The second big idea from the podcast is about how it’s your responsibility to get your ideas out into the world. I share an example in the context of writing a book. You have to advocate and fight for the ideas and characters that are in the book. It’s the same thing for your goals and your dreams. Think about it, would you advocate for your children like your life depended on it? So why are you not fighting for your goals and your dreams like your life depends on it? Because it does!!


Some of you set a goal at the beginning of August, and by the end of the month, you have already given up on it. Why!? I believe in the power of community. It’s what you tap into to keep you on track, but it’s not who’s showing up to do the work, you are. Why are you letting yourself off the hook!? What is it saying to the people in your life when you give up on you?


Do you want your children to see you be okay with average when extraordinary is available? If you give up on the promises you made to yourself, they will learn to do that too. If you can show them that you’re not going to let yourself off the hook, that’s huge. So what if you start that today?


My question for you is, if you set a goal at the beginning of the month and you haven’t hit it, why not? If you set a goal and you did hit it, was the goal big enough? I want you to gut check yourself and take an honest look at your progress. Are you keeping your promises to yourself? What are you doing to set yourself up for success in September?


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