Julie Voris: Following Your Spark

Julie Voris: Following Your Spark

In this episode, I talk about an event I attended in Orlando for entrepreneurs that was all about creating paths for yourself that match your dreams and desires. I talk about the impact of the workshop at the event and the message I took from it.   


My friend Lou, who hosted the Orlando event, has an amazing story about taking a chance on going after his dream to move to Florida and work with Disney in some capacity. He hosted the event to share this story and help people turn what they love into what they do.  

[05:57] WORKSHOP 

This event included a workshop with people from all walks of life in all stages of life looking to go after something special. Being in a space with people who are passionate about goals creates a safe space for sharing ideas. 

[13:54] TALENT   

Every person has something special that they are good at. If you don’t know what your talent is, take a minute to think about what seems natural and effortless to you. You are also the only person who can bring it out into the world in a special way. 

[16:44] SHARING  

I was offered to be a speaker for this event and share some of my thoughts. It was a great opportunity to connect with the “dreamers and doers” of the world. Being in rooms like this creates possibly the only environment where you can connect with a like minded community. 


“The opposite of bravery isn’t cowardice, it’s conformity.” When you don’t go after your goals and simply settle, you are conforming to someone else’s idea of life. Be brave and write the version of your own story.


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