Erin King: Leading with YES

In this episode, Erin and I have a conversation about going for your goals and finding a proper balance between fear and boldness. We deep dive into what success means for different people, how intuition has a way of pushing you in the right direction, and how embracing opportunities can lead you to where you want to be. 


Erin and I discuss moments that shaped our lives, and how our choices led to where we are today. We talk about how each person has made decisions based on what they want out of life, and how many people have different definitions of what success means to them. Erin speaks on the importance of asking why you are doing something, and how it shouldn’t feel like work if it’s what you want. 


Here we discuss drive and feeling stuck. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when someone is really motivated and excited, and sometimes you can tell when someone just feels stuck. It’s important to pay attention to your natural intuition, understand that intuition is individual, and follow a course that feels best for you. 


Carving a path for yourself tends to bring on a certain level of fear. There are those who are going to sway their course because of fear, and others who are going to push past it. Sometimes people have higher levels of fear due to past experiences, but it’s important to remember to learn from the past to better your future. Finding a good line between fear and boldness is good for structured balance.  


For those struggling to find a balance in their crossroads, and are lingering more on the side of fear, it could be a good time to evaluate what you really want in life. The only way to get to your definition of success is to go after it. If you let fear hold you back, you will stay in the stuck zone. 


Life is going to be full of surprises, some good and some bad. The important thing is to remember with every situation there is opportunity. You just have to ask how this new situation presenting new opportunities changes the landscape of your overall goals. Change can be good if you ask yourself the right questions in relation to that change. 


One of the best things to keep in mind in relation to progression in your life is to always move toward something, rather than trying to move away from something or avoid it. Ask yourself “what do you want?” and go after it. Be okay with shifting your focus as you grow as well. 


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