Creating a High Vibe Life with Fitness Expert Elise Joan

In today’s episode, I interview a Broadway performer turned fitness professional, Elise Joan. She is the creator of Barre Blend, Barre Blend Pre & Post Natal and the I AM Meditations on Beachbody on Demand.  Today we are exploring her journey from one stage to another, talking about body positivity, radically accepting our entire selves physically and mentally, and intentionally creating a high vibe life. You are going to fall in love with Elise – her light and energy is so tangible!


2:20 Elise’s Story

Elise talks about where she grew up, her time as a Broadway Performer and how losing her voice led her to Yoga.

9:05 It’s Not Just Fitness, It’s Life

I often say that the fitness and the movement is the conduit for the messaging, and I can make a metaphor out of anything. So you do Barre Blend and you’re going to learn about why this narrow V position can help improve your relationship with your potential romantic partner. Fitness and body movement can give us the tools to relate to anything and everything happening in our lives at that given moment.

12:10 How to Pivot

First, it’s okay to have emotions. We must process and feel them. Second, it’s important to authentically share the challenges you have faced and what the hidden opportunity was in that challenge. Third, evaluate who is elevating you. What we let go of is as important as who we let in. To sum it up, pivoting is about repurposing and reframing.

16:30 Healing is Not Linear

Life has ebbs and flows. Your physical fitness journey has ebbs and flows. Your nutrition journey has that.  If we are beating ourselves up about ‘setbacks’ or the ‘ebbs’, it just spirals into more setbacks. We must accept that the ebbs are part of our journey and process of growth!

18:45 Who & What We Align Our Energy With

Quarantine has helped me learn how to say no and understand that I am entitled to have some energy. If I give it all away, I won’t have any. And when we can align our energy output, we can rise to the next level. And the next level is really first about having gratitude for where you are now. You can want the next level and work hard for the next level and still enjoy where you are today. It’s an important part of the process!

23:00 The Script in Your Head

I’ve learned that much of what is happening in my head is not a real thought. And I just decide to exhale it out and choose what my real, intentional thought is. If we can repurpose that voice to being our ally instead of our critic, we will make a lot of progress!

24:40 Positive Body Image

I think the fitness industry is a tad bit behind here. It needs to do some catching up to pop culture which has actually helped some what. I love that we’re celebrating all bodies, and that health can be represented in a number of different aesthetics. We’re celebrating diversity in age and size and people of color. But there is much work to do in this area.

35:50 How to Create a High Vibe that Matches Your Energy

It’s important to have what I call sacred space, which is at least 4′ x 6′. It’s a place where you can write/read/listen to your affirmations, meditate, and journal. A place that that is for you, created by you!

44:00 I AM Mediations

Elise has created a series of short meditations that give you the space to visualize what you desire in your life. These short meditations will help you create a high vibe life for sure. You can check them out on Beachbody on Demand!

47:30 Social Media: You’re In Charge

You’re in charge and you don’t even have to offend anyone. Now you can mute people. They don’t even know.

51:30 Elise’s Favorites

Elise’s favorite reads, favorite vacation spot (this will surprise you) and her favorite foods!

54:50 What Makes Your Heart Sing?

Connection, awakening women to their potential and creating a space that makes people feel good.


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