personal growth tips (part 2) with holly hillyer

Personal Growth Tips (Part 2) with Holly Hillyer

Welcome back to the Crank It Up Podcast. We are continuing our conversation on personal growth, and I have an amazing, amazing episode for you this morning. Again, my vision is that you are popping on this podcast in the morning, maybe straight out of the shower or you’re driving your kids to school or you’re taking a walk, something in the morning where you are filling your head and your heart with intention and really setting the tone for your day.

And listen. I got a good one for you today. My friend Holly is sharing her journey with personal growth and, of course, her favorite Taylor Swift songs. I don’t wanna say much more. I just want you to know Holly is a mom of 3 boys. She’s built incredible businesses, is on a mission to do even more to make just amazing impact and income. 

She’s just an awesome human being. I want you to listen to this, and then we’ll talk about it afterwards.

So listen, and then we shall discuss. Have fun.

How Consistency and Personal Development Can Change Your Life

Holly [00:01:19]:

My personal growth habit is more of a habit stack, maybe. I have a morning routine that I do every single day, and it starts with waking up with a quick 10 minute meditation. And then after that, going through my gratitude and my affirmations, my affirmations, I mean, really sitting down and writing out my goals. 

And then after that, diving into personal development and business development, and then I’ll kinda dive into my work. But just those 3 things really have anchored my personal growth and changed really how I start my day and therefore how my entire day goes. 

So when do I begin tapping into personal growth? So I actually began tapping into personal growth when I joined my network marketing company. I had never really heard about personal development. I did not grow up in a house with any personal development or business development.

So when I was introduced to a company and to women who were literally just consuming so much personal development, and therefore improving their lives in ways that I had never seen before. I knew that I was hooked. 

And so my 1st personal development book that I read was The Slight Edge, which really changed how I was living my life and made me realize the time that I was wasting. 

And then the next book which really changed my life was You Are A Badass, and that just made me really realize I had the potential to do anything. And so when I combine those like everything. 

Everything changed for me. And so, you know, how did I create this into a habit? It really was just consistency. It was the alarms going off in the morning, and this is what I do.

Success Leaves Clues:
“And when I looked at people in the company that I was in who were at the very top and where I wanted to be, they all did it. And so I was like, well, success leaves clues, so I’m gonna do it.” — Holly


And It was about becoming the person who does that. Right? Like, when I looked at people in the company that I was in who were at the very top and where I wanted to be, they all did it. 

And so I was like, well, success leaves clues, so I’m gonna do it. 

And so it was just this consistently waking up and doing it. And, you know, there becomes this tipping point of, oh, I have to get out of bed and do this. 

Personal Growth Habits and Having A Morning Routine

And at that tipping point, you know, maybe, I don’t know. 30, 60, 90 days down the road, you look back and you realize, wow. Because I stayed consistent, this changed my life, and now you’re excited to do it.

And that has been, you know, my life for 9 years now. And I know what it can do for my life, and therefore, I would never miss that piece of it. 

So where have you seen the most personal growth through this habit? You know, I grew up in a very middle class household. If you had told me you’re gonna be an entrepreneur and make businesses, I would have said you were crazy. 

It’s not something I ever saw. It’s something I had ever done. What was modeled to me was the 9 to 5 and praying that your boss didn’t fire you. And if you could hold on long enough to maybe get a pension at the end, like, That was winning.


And so this personal growth, it showed me a world that I didn’t know existed. It really helps break down the walls between what I thought was possible for my life and that being for me, my largest goal was become an engineer and earn 6 figures to what I now know is possible is, like, I am an entrepreneur, and I have the ability to create any level of wealth and any life that I want for myself. 

And that is all due to the mindset shift that personal development has given me. So being in the room so how important are the people around you in connections to your goals, dreams, and vision for your life? 

Holly Hillyer on the Importance of Being in the Right Room

The people around me are everything in connection to the goals, dreams, and visions for my life. If there’s ever a time where I find myself, you know, maybe saying, is that possible? I know it’s because I haven’t been in the right room with the right people. 

So when I’m in the right room and I say my goal is to earn, you know, $5,000,000 in my company next year and $10,000,000 in 5 years. The people in the right room say, oh, that’s amazing. So how can we help you get there? In the wrong room, this actually happened to me literally 3 days ago in my driveway.

The wrong room says, but why? Why do you need that? And it’s not a thing of need. It is that wanting more means that I get to serve more, but the wrong room of people doesn’t see it that way. 

And so my conversations are completely different. How my life levels up is completely different. When I surround myself with people who are also dreaming bigger, stretching, who realize that an income goal is actually only about increasing my impact in the world. 

And, again, how important Is it to be in the room? You know, I did a lot of my business in the beginning through personal development, and I did it by myself. I joined my last mastermind maybe 3 years ago, or I joined the 1st mastermind I’ve ever been in about 3 years ago. 

And I got in that room, and it wasn’t really till I got in that room that I realized how much I actually didn’t know and how by really humbling myself, learning from others, and then realizing I do have incredible gifts.

The Power of Surrounding Yourself with Dreamers:
“When I surround myself with people who are also dreaming bigger, stretching, who realize that an income goal is actually only about increasing my impact in the world.”— Holly


And giving those gifts to other people in the room, Everything started to change. Business is easier when you have people to network with who can share their gifts and you can share yours, it’s also more fun, but being in the room was a necessary step in me moving to my next level in my business. 

So there was only so much I could do through personal development and reading and free podcasts. I hit a ceiling. Getting in the room has helped elevate me to that next level. 

And then I know there’ll be another room I need to get in to go to the next. So what are some of the most powerful rooms you’ve been in, and how has being there impacted your life? 

So interestingly enough, just last week, I was part of a networking event, And there were about 20 women on the call, and I didn’t know any of them. By the end of that hour cal….  5 of them got on.

They did short, like, 10 minute training sessions. At the end, every woman in that room was asked to make an ask. So what could someone else in that room do for you? Which we know as women can be hard to ask for help. 

And so this mastermind set us up. This networking event set us up to ask questions. And for those who say, yes, I can help, and this really mutual connection.

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Holly [00:10:30]:

And so I walked into a room last week with 20 women who I didn’t know, and I walked out at the end with business connections that I believe are going to help scale my business by hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

And it is because these women were completely outside my normal circles, they had completely different skill sets, and yet I can help them and they could help me. And now I have a new path that I didn’t even know existed. 

I couldn’t even think it up before I got into that room. And that new path means increased impact and increased wealth. 

2 Tips For Women on a Mission to Level Up Their Lives

Consume and give yourself time to act

Get in the room and network

Though you are on a mission to level up your life, and I feel like I have been on this mission for 9 years and I’m gonna continue to be on this mission forever, I really did start with personal development. 

I started with a podcast. I started with being a consumer of information, but also making sure that I then had the time to put these things into action.

And so that’s like, my first tip is, yes, consume, but you must give yourself time to act. Because without the action, the consumption isn’t gonna get you anywhere. 

And then my 2nd biggest tip really is to get in the room and to network. I am an extreme introvert. I actually used to think networking was kind of this, like, dirty word. Like, I was like, ugh, networking so it’s sleazy, almost like salesy. It felt really sales y to me until I realized that networking wasn’t actually about me. It was about how I serve someone else.

And when I flipped that script, Everything changed. And so my biggest goal actually in 2024 is to network as much as possible, to get in as many rooms as possible, and to serve other people for free as much as possible. 

And I know by doing that, the horizons will expand beyond what I can even imagine right now. And so I’d say, 1, obviously, you have to level up through your personal development, but then you have to take action. 

After the personal and business development, take action. Number 2 –  network and give, give, give, and know that through giving, you will have that exact same experience in return, and your business will change forever. Fun question. Taylor Swift era tour.


What’s your T Swift song and your personal era right now? Okay. So My T Swift song I think if I’m thinking in terms of, like, business, My T Swift song is The Man. When that song came out, I was like, yes. Yes. I felt so understood. I can have a very masculine driven business energy. 

And as a woman, that is often judged and is often misunderstood, and so I felt very understood by that song. And then What is my personal era right now? My personal era really maybe I’m in, like I’m either in, like, my like, I think it’s networking, but I also think it’s ease.


I’m in my ease era. I’m in the era of flow. I am in the era of serving others and knowing that everything I want is coming back to me. I’m in the era of automated more, pushing less. 

I’m in the era of more time with my family and less time on social media. So that was a lot of different eras, but I think it all wraps up into ease or automation or simplicity or service, but that’s how my era feels right now.

Julie [00:14:23]:

Oh my goodness. Right? Was I right? Like, how awesome was that? So much content. I hope that you took that in, you soaked it in, and maybe you can go back and listen to it again to take some notes, just some stuff that might have been, clarity moments for you or light bulb moments for you. 

I love how her journey is similar and yet different from mine in that she grew up in a house where nobody really talked about personal growth. And I did too, but I saw it. 

I saw it in action with my dad even though no one called it personal growth. And when she came into personal growth, it was because as she looked around at other people who were successful, she could see that that’s what they were doing. 

And as she said, her words, success leaves clues.

And if the people who are successful are doing x y z, why would you not be doing x y z? Right? And then she shared her awesome habit stack and how that’s how her day starts, and did you notice that she specifically said because how the day starts affects the entire day? 

On a tangent, when you think about the days that you get up late, maybe you, you know, hit snooze, or you think that you’ve turned off your alarm and you’re getting up except you’ve turned off your alarm and you’ve gone back to sleep, or your alarm didn’t get set the night before, or your alarm was set for the wrong time or something happened and you got up late and you started the day late. 

Think about how that affects your entire day. Right? Like, you can visualize that right now. Like, the frenetic, anxious, frustrated energy that you wake up with you know, when you wake up out of bed and the alarm hasn’t gone off and you wake up, you’re like, oh my god. 

And it affects the entire day. Right? And, conversely, starting the day with this intentional habit stack as Holly talked about, it affects her entire day in a positive way. And now it’s gotten to the point where there’s no negotiation. And my friend, that is what a habit is.

There’s no negotiation. It’s a habit. So there’s no standing in your kitchen or in your bathroom or wherever you are going, well, should I read this book, or should I write down my goals? 

There’s no negotiation because that’s what a habit is. And the beautiful part about a habit is it eases decision fatigue. You don’t have to think about or expend any energy thinking about if you’re going to do the thing, it’s such a part of who you are. 

It becomes a part of who you are by doing it whether you feel like it or not. That’s how a habit gets ingrained in you. There’s no more beautiful habit than personal growth for sure.

I loved hearing her talk about community. You know, when I asked her about personal growth and the community and rooms that she had been in, what a powerful testament to the incredible power of being in a room that is up leveled, being in a room where you can talk about your goals… 

… where that’s just tabletop conversation, right, where you’re not talking about other people, but you’re talking about goals and dreams, where it’s okay to talk about goals and dreams. 

And I know for many of us, myself, for sure, growing up, I didn’t have any of that. No one was talking about goals and dreams. No one was talking about that. You know, it is interesting as I think about it right now. Going to college for me was never a question of if. It was always a question of where, where I was going.


But there wasn’t any conversation beyond that. It’s so interesting now that I think about that. In my household, there was no conversation beyond going to college. Just that, of course, you’re going to college, but there was no conversation about what I like to do, what I wanna do with my life, none of that. 

I mean, I certainly wasn’t talking about goals and dreams with my parents. And I think for a lot of us, we find that to be true in our real lives. We just don’t have the spaces and places for those kinds of conversations until we intentionally seek them out until we intentionally seek them out. 

And her bits and pieces about community and how powerful community has been in her life, take note of that, and do whatever you can to get into communities that inspire and challenge you, that push you and are your biggest hype squad.

Get into those communities. They exist. They’re up there. And Brendon Burchard said at an event that I was at in Arizona, so many people are waiting for their life to be handed to them. 

“So many people are waiting for their life to be handed to them…Are you waiting for someone to hand a community to you and say, here, this is what you need to do, or are you seeking it out so that you are getting intentional about what’s going in your head and in your heart, what’s happening in your personal growth journey.”— Julie

Meet Holly Hillyer

Introducing Holly Hillyer, a remarkable individual who embarked on her online health and fitness journey in October 2014. Despite having no social media following, no business experience, and no team to rely on, Holly’s determination to create a fulfilling future for herself and other moms was unwavering.

Fast forward five years, and Holly has achieved incredible success as a 3X top ten coach and a seven figure earner. Most importantly, for the past two years, she has been instrumental in helping at least one mom reunite with her baby every month.

Holly’s true passion lies in empowering moms to build their personal brands and thriving businesses.

And if we could just give a big high applause for her choice of Taylor Swift’s song, it’s so great. It’s so great.

Yes, Taylor once again, nailing it and making all women everywhere feel understood with her song, The Man. I couldn’t agree more. Holly, So appreciate you. Thank you so much, and I appreciate you. 

Thank you so much for listening to the Crank It Up podcast. If you know a friend who would benefit from this I mean, who wouldn’t? If you know a friend who would benefit from this episode, this conversation around personal growth, will you share this episode with them? I would appreciate it. 

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about personal growth. Let’s get the world, especially women, on an intentional personal growth journey.

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about cranking up your goals, cranking up your dreams, and cranking up your life. 

Thank you so much. See you next time. That’s it for this episode.

Please tag me on Instagram @julievoris with your takeaways and what you’re doing. If you enjoy the podcast, and I hope that you do, please spread the word. Invite a friend and leave a review. The world needs more positive energy, and you can be a part of that.

Now go – Crank It Up!

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