personal growth tips (part 1) with moira kucaba

Personal Growth Tips (Part 1) with Moira Kucaba

Elevating Your Life: Moira Kucaba’s Personal Growth Journey and Its Transformative Power

Today is Part 1 of a guest mini-series on personal growth and development. Julie chats with Moira Kucaba on what personal growth has done for her, tips to using even the smallest bit of time to level up, and staying committed to the process.

Julie [00:00:38]:

Have you ever thought about your personal growth journey? You see, I have this vision. I have this vision of humans, particularly women, all over the world waking up in the morning and stepping into personal growth, whether it’s this podcast or something else.

But, almost immediately upon waking up, you’re stepping into a personal growth something

  • podcast
  • audiobook
  • something that is helping you intentionally move forward on your personal growth journey

and then you’re well, you know me…

  • then you’re drinking some energize this
  • you’re writing down your goals and your gratitude
  • you’re moving your body

then you’re going about the rest of your day with this solid, this solid morning routine that really sets the tone for the rest of your day. 

I have a vision of that happening all over the world and women in particular tapping into the power of personal growth and the power of the morning routine.

So I ask you again. 

Have you ever thought about your personal growth journey?

When I was growing up, my dad had this large desk in the basement. I’m sure I have shared this story before. It’s a formative story, and you may have some story that’s similar to it, if you kinda work back into your memories, you might have something that is similar.

My dad had this ginormous desk in the basement in his office. And it was one of these big oak desks that had a glass top. And in between the wooden top of the desk and the glass, he would slide all of these mantras and quotes this and bits and pieces that he had torn out of newspapers or magazines or quotes that he had written down and slid underneath there. 

His desk was a literal personal growth road map. And I would go down to his office when he was down there, and that’s what I would see. Now mind you, nobody was calling it personal growth. No one was calling it personal development. No one called it that.


It was just that he was aware that filling his mind with good stuff and having those reminders around him all the time was good for his brain. It was good for his heart. It was good for his head. It was good for his life. 

And so I kind of grew up with that even though that’s not I didn’t call it a personal growth journey. Well, I’ve been thinking about personal growth a lot and thinking about being on an intentional personal growth journey and especially in a season of transition, especially in a season of change. 

I believe it will be our personal growth habits that help us navigate any transitional season

Whether it’s a season in parenting, a season of business, a season just in life, anytime we’re going through a transition, anytime we’re going through change, anytime we’re going through chaos, which is the news slash all the time. Right? 

I believe it’s personal growth that helps us navigate that. And the more intentional we get with our personal growth, the The better able we are to navigate seasons of transition, big changes, chaotic moments in our life.

And I got to thinking, you know, I’ve got some pretty badass women in my life. Really fortunate, really blessed to know some pretty badass women. And I thought, gosh. I’d love to know about their personal growth journey. 

So I asked them. I asked them to share a little bit about personal growth with me. Like, when did it start for them? What have they noticed about it? And what has it done in their life? And then, of course, I asked them what era they are in.

So you might hear something about their favorite Taylor Swift song or maybe their favorite era or the era there that they are most resonating with right now, and that’s just a fun question. 

But the meat that’s in here is the story of personal growth. So today, I wanna share with you my friend Moira, and we recorded this live in Arizona with a tiny mic. I mean, who doesn’t love a good tiny mic? We recorded this with a tiny mic, and I wanna share with you what she had to say about personal growth. 

Okay, Moira. Tell me about your personal growth journey. How’d you make it a habit? What’s it done for you? Talk to me about personal growth.

Moira Kucaba [00:05:02]:

Oh my gosh. Okay. So personal growth literally changed the game for me. I will say that I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole entire life. When I stepped into truly getting obsessed with personal growth about 9 years ago, I didn’t just unlock the next level. I unlocked the…

Julie [00:05:20]:

Like, the next 20 levels

Moira Kucaba [00:05:20]:

of growth, of income, of impact. Everything that I wanted to accomplish goal wise was unlocked because I went into the deep end with personal growth. It’s at the foundation of everything.

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Moira Kucaba [00:07:00]:

I love this tiny mic, by the way. It’s the best. This I definitely had to be super intentional in the beginning you know? Anytime you create a new habit, it takes focus and intention and just trying to kinda get it solid again and again and again. 

So I can remember it started as simple as waking up, reading, or listening, but really, we didn’t have audible back in those days as much as we do now. But reading or listening for 10 minutes. Right? It was just that small tiny commitment, before I looked at my phone. That is the key.

So before I looked at my phone, before I kind of hijacked my mind. I decided what I was gonna put in my mind. Right? And so I would read for 10 minutes, and then unknowingly to me, I would just go do my workout. But because I hadn’t looked at my phone, I would think about what I had read during the whole workout. So I was, like, tripled down on, you know, kind of marinating in the message. Yeah.

And then I would go into my day a completely different person, a different perspective, a different outlook, a different vibe. Right. And that is what changes everything.

Personal growth doesn’t have to be difficult

Julie [00:08:09]:

And that was from 10 minutes. Yeah. 10 minutes. So personal growth doesn’t have to be this 24/7 type of thing. It’s just 10 minutes. Okay. Last question. If you are gonna pick your favorite Taylor Swift song or you’re gonna talk about what era you’re in.

Julie [00:08:26]:

Yeah. You know, it’s the summer of the era. What era would you say that you are in? The Lover.

Moira Kucaba [00:08:32]:

But I would say The Man. The Man is like, my most fierce best song ever. My favorite for sure.

Julie [00:08:40]:

Moira, you’re the best. Thank you so much.

Moira Kucaba [00:08:42]:

Thank you, Julie.

Julie [00:08:44]:

How cool is that? She didn’t just unlock the next level. She unlocked the next 20 levels in her life. Of course, that’s an exaggeration. Of course, that’s metaphorical, but that is how big of a jump she feels her business, her relationships, her life took simply by getting intentional, that’s her word, intentional about personal growth. 

She made a decision, also her word. She made a decision to get intentional about personal growth, to get obsessed with it. And because she did, it unlocked the next levels of her life. And did you catch how she started? She started with 10 minutes, just 10 minutes, and it set the tone for her entire day.

How beautiful is that? To know we can release ourselves from this expectation that personal growth has to be drudgery. It has to be some dry professorial type of academia book, and that it can be 10 minutes of something that we get intentional about to help us grow where we personally need it. 

And if we get intentional about it, if we get obsessed about it, if we make that decision, we can unlock the next levels of every piece of our life, our businesses, our relationships. 

Every bit of our life can be unlocked by getting intentional on making a decision around personal growth. I thank you so much for being here. This is a step in your personal growth journey. 

Just showing up and turning on a podcast called crank it up, you know, coming to hang out with me where you know I’m gonna drop some truth love, this, and we’re gonna talk about the stuff. We’re gonna talk about the stuff.

Like, this is the vibe that you wanna surround yourself with. I hope you’re listening to this podcast in the morning, and it’s helping you set the tone for your day. And as always, if you’ve got a minute, we sure would appreciate a review. 

And if you’ve got a friend who might benefit from this, who’s been talking about personal growth, please share it with them. It’s hard to really state how important that kind of stuff is for new ish podcasts. It really helps us grow, helps get the message out. So thank you so much for being here.

The Power of Personal Growth:
“Everything that I wanted to accomplish goal wise was unlocked because I went into the deep end with personal growth. It’s at the foundation of everything.”— Moira Kucaba

Meet Moira Kucaba

Mindset Mentor | Thought Leader | Author | Speaker

As an addict turned 7 figure CEO, Moira is here to show you that you can achieve anything you desire through the power of vision, manifestation, and a solid dose of ACTION. Her signature Book of Proof journal and VPM Method combines manifestation techniques rooted in neuroscience with actionable goals.

It’s the process she credits to helping her achieve the #1 spot in a billion dollar company and mentoring so many others to massive success.

Today, she teaches people how to 10X their lives and transform their minds through her courses, speaking engagements, podcast and coaching business

That’s it for this episode. Thank you for making this podcast part of your life. It’s amazing to listen to a podcast. And listen, I so appreciate you listening to this one. What’s even more amazing is when you take action on what you heard. Use what you heard today to take action towards your goals.

It’s amazing to listen to a podcast. And listen. I so appreciate you listening to this one. What’s even more amazing is when you take action on what you heard. Use what you heard today to take action towards your goals. 

Please tag me on Instagram @julievoris with your takeaways and what you’re doing. If you enjoy the podcast, and I hope that you do, please spread the word. Invite a friend and leave a review. The world needs more positive energy, and you can be a part of that.

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