7 Ways to Beat Your Afternoon Slump Today

beat your afternoon slump with energy

It’s 2pm and you’re toast. You’re finding it hard to focus and all you really feel like doing is binging on Netflix or taking a nap. The infamous mid-afternoon slump has struck.

Feeling sluggish in the afternoon is super common, but the reasons for it can vary. For some, it’s simply part of your body’s natural circadian rhythm or sleep/wake cycle. For others, the blahs come on as a result of blood sugar, nutrition, or even dehydration issues. No matter the cause, it can be super frustrating.

Luckily, there are some practical things you can do to help. I’ve got seven tips for you to kick your afternoon slump to the curb. Give them a try and see what works best for you!

  1. Working out
    The research is clear: exercising boosts our physical energy and mental clarity (in addition to tons of other good things). Getting your heart pumping will increase alertness, improve your mood, and give you the oomph you need to make it through the day.
  2. Change of scenery
    Sometimes just a simple surroundings switch-up can snap you out of it when you’re feeling lethargic. Find somewhere new to spend some time in the afternoon, and you’ll come back feeling revived.
  3. Fun tunes
    Pop in some earbuds and jam out to your favorite music. For me, even just a few minutes of upbeat musical theater tunes can turn my attitude around and put more pep in my step.
  4. Hydration
    One of the most common culprits of fatigue is also one of the easiest to prevent—simple dehydration. Even just being a little dehydrated can bring on big lethargy for many. Try to consume at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.
  5. Go outside
    There’s something instantly refreshing about fresh air and sunshine. Whether you’re at home with the kids or working at your desk, step outside for an afternoon boost. Even better, go for a brisk outdoor walk to get those endorphins going, too.
  6. A healthy snack 
    It’s tempting to turn to coffee or carb-laden snacks when we’re feeling run down. But usually these only make us feel worse in the long run. For me, grabbing one of my 21 Day Fix containers full of almonds or blueberries does the trick. Or, I’m also a huge fan of Beachbody’s Energize, which gives you a great boost without the jitters. (I can hook you up with either of these, by the way! Message me if you’re interested.)
  7. Connection
    Whether it’s a call with my amazing business coach, a chat with one of my daughters, or meeting a fierce female from my team, human connection energizes and refreshes. Find someone you can connect with (even for just a few minutes) to refuel and refocus.

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If you’re struggling with energy levels, you’re not alone. So many women feel overrun and worn down, and it’s not a fun place to be. But instilling simple habits like those above can often make all the difference.

Want to learn more about how you can increase your energy each and every day? I’d love to chat with you about how simple, daily fitness and nutrition shifts can change everything for you and your family. Message me and we’ll get the convo going!

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