Team Trip to Disney: It’s Not the Destination, it’s the Journey

trip to disneyland with my team

Recently I spent several days with leaders from my team, Sparta Nation. And while the hotel was great, the weather was beautiful and the attractions were amazing, there was something better than all of that…here are my thoughts from the happiest place on earth…

1. The destination is important…but not most important.

The destination is important, but the journey to GET there, the people ON the trip, and the conversations that happen DURING the trip are 100X more important. A beautiful mix of veteran teammates and new teammates, it’s not random that THIS group of people was on THIS trip.

2. The more inconvenient it is to show up, the more important it is to show up.

Finding babysitters, writing lists, juggling schedules, delayed flights, just the general figuring out of stuff to make a trip happen — yes, THAT is what makes every trip SO worthwhile and SO important.

The inconvenient stuff in life is the stuff that matters.  The more inconvenient it is, the more important it usually is…and the more GRATEFUL I am to be there.

3. 3 days celebrating accomplishments.

3 days to set new goals and to dream bigger. Blue sky dream big time that doesn’t always happen in the “real world”. Conversations in line, conversations at dinner, conversations while walking…all that wouldn’t happen in the day to day busyness of life. Time that is game AND life changing.

4. We rode rides that scared us witless and learned that they weren’t so scary after all.

We screamed ourselves hoarse and laughed ourselves to tears. We held up lines and crowds to take the perfect picture and bought Mickey shaped food. We ended our trip watching a parade whose theme song was “When can we do this again?” Random? No. Nothing is random. None of that, even down to the last night song, is random.

The next chapter in your life starts with your choices today

We added stories to our books, stories to share with others about how this team and this business has changed EVERYthing in our lives.

We were reminded every single minute why this team is special and different and amazing.
Because ALL of THESE #FierceFemales are special. and different. and AMAZING.

There is a moment on every trip where I have to ask myself if this is real life….and that moment came during the parade. How is possible that we’ve been able to create something so special together that we get to go to Disney to celebrate? Simple. Because we know if you have the courage to pursue your dreams, locked ARM in ARM with an incredible tribe of women, that ANYthing is possible.

…I’ll see you in NYC in 2019!


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