julie voris and shaun t workout

jv’s BODi Shop

Bring Healthy Home

Beachbody has always been a health and wellness industry leader.

Now that’s truer than ever with a company-wide rebranding to BODi.

julie voris and shaun t workout

jv’s BODi Shop

Bring Healthy Home

Beachbody has always been a health and wellness industry leader.

Now that’s truer than ever with a company-wide rebranding to BODi.

Shop all things BODi (formally Beachbody)

Here at BODi, we’re embracing the perspective that genuine health is personal – and it’s so much more than how you look on the outside. BODi is the same great, tried-and-true Beachbody experience (money-back guarantees and all) now with a more inclusive health-esteem focus.

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BODi Nutrition

  • Personalizable eating plans
  • Science-backed supplements
bodi products nutrition julie

BODi Products

  • Streamable, fun fitness programs
  • Well-rounded mindset training
  • Top-of-the-line exercise equipment & accessories
bodi products nutrition julie

BODi Apparel

  • Fabulous workout wearables to feel good & stay inspired
Julie Voris in white workout tank

As an Elite Beachbody Coach with Team BODi,

I’m here to connect you with all the best tools for living your best life. Inside and out.

Whether you’ve tried all the other “get-fit” options or you’re embarking on a health-focused journey for the first time, use my 20+ years of experience honing my healthy habits and creating a sustainable, joyful, 8-figure business to build your:

  • Healthiest self at any age
  • Life on purpose with purpose

…and even faster than I did, because I’m all about shortening your learning curve!

It was no accident that I decided to call this The BODi Shop.

Cars are expensive, beautiful, useful machines. Would you take your favorite one to a body shop that was less than the best?

No, I didn’t think so.

wanna join this party?

Don’t simply rely on the myth of motivation alone. It’s your healthy HABITS that will help you create success.

And we’re doing this with the most supportive fitness community for inspiration and accountability, PLUS the best deals and devices for feeling and looking your best.


Don’t settle for less than those same high standards for your beautiful brain and body.

Your exercise routine acts as your personal body mechanic, tailoring procedures and routines to suit your needs, keeping your muscles and joints running smoothly and all systems operating harmoniously.

From boosting your mood to strengthening your heart, a great wellness system takes into account every aspect of your overall health, mending and enhancing internally and externally.

Remember, even if nothing is wrong, both you and your car need regular maintenance to stay in tip-top performance shape, thriving on consistent and personalized care.

And unlike a car which can be replaced or bought in multiple…

You only get one physical body to last your entire life.


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beachbody nutrition

Want the greatest results for the effort you’re putting in?

Give yourself the greatest fuel.

Nourish your body and empower your workouts with my highly recommended BODi nutrition supplements. This delicious, double-punch-knockout duo of Shakeology and Energize gives you the foundation and support for your whole health journey.

Great for everyone, wherever you are on your path to becoming the best you possible.

Want the hottest tip on where to start? Don’t miss out on my go-to favorite: the Shake & Hustle combo.

beachbody’s shakeology

This foundational drink is one that everything else builds on – to tailor your nutrition to your needs for outstanding results.

Shakeology Boosts
Want even more power additions for your daily dose of Shakeology? We’ve got you covered.

Collagen Boost
Power Greens
Focused Energy
Digestive Health

Shakeology Recipes
There is no limit to the creative, compelling, family-friendly, party-worthy concoctions you can cook up with the ever-versatile Shakeology added in or as a yummy base.

Want even more ideas and strategies?

Try one of these amazing nutrition programs offered exclusively through Beachbody

Beachbody’s First Thing Last Thing

Next-level wellness in two comprehensive mind-body solutions – one to start your day, one to end it.

Use this for targeting the immune system and minimizing stress, to give yourself the extra edge in both your brain and body as the first and last thing you consume throughout your day.

julie voris holding compass planner

Healthy Habits Journal & Planner

Build the compass that leads to your North Star.

The Project 100 Compass Planner is my not-so-secret weapon for getting focused and dialed in on what matters most.
Join in on the popular 100-day journey that gives you the space to write Dream Big Goals, Work Hard Goals, and Your Focused Five.

BONUS BENEFIT: Success leaves clues. And this planner is a curated system that has helped myself and users cross off BIG

DREAM GOALS faster than they ever imagined. The power of focused, consistent alignment – and pen to paper!

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no such thing as a “dumb question” and all questions are welcome, especially when it comes to something that can change your life.

So if you have one please reach out and ask me!

who is a bodi membership for?

who is BODi for? Julie voris on stage

The short answer – BODi is for everyone!

The longer answer is everyone who wants to be their own boss and take control of their time, their career, and their health, without sacrificing a support team to help them reach their goals.

I like to do live classes | run | do yoga | etc. outside of BODi. Can I still join your online community?

Absolutely YES!

Online is meant to facilitate convenience and consistency for any fitness journey.

I have people in big cities, small towns, West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, down South, and even overseas in our group. Some ONLY do our program, some do the program + live classes, some do the program + teach classes, some do the program + train for a marathon…

For as long as I’ve been passionate about health and fitness (all my life) I’ve been passionate about having ALL the tools in our toolbox.

More tools = more options = more consistency = more results.

End of story.

If you have any other questions, I’m in your corner!

Reach out and let’s chat.

Don’t let this life-changing opportunity pass you by! If you don’t have the answers you crave or you’re letting fear hold you back, I am here to support you in starting to make sustainable, healthy changes in your life.

  • Let’s remove your roadblocks.
  • Let’s shift your limiting beliefs.
  • Let’s explore your wildest dreams and let your spirit soar, so you can say yes to yourself, your loved ones, and your future.

The best way to live a life ON purpose WITH purpose, is with a BODi Membership.

Let’s spread the health & wealth. Together.

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