Brad Bizjack: The Missing Pieces of the Personal Development Puzzle

In this episode, I welcome Brad Bizjack back to the show. Today we are talking about mindset and personal development. Brad is highly qualified in this subject. Throughout the past ten years, he has worked with over 10,000 people in the personal development space. He shares the three essential components to take your personal development to the next level, and see major changes in your life because of it!  


Brad shares some background about his personal growth journey. He started out in a lot of debt, and his biggest desire was to be debt free. Even though he was doing everything he should have been doing, it wasn’t working for him. His mentor introduced him to the idea that while he had the right strategies, he needed the right mindset. Around that time, he bought tickets to a mindset conference. At that same time, he also got fired from his job. He was feeling down due to financial struggles, but walked into that conference anyway. At the conference, he was introduced to the idea that business, success and money will not lead to happiness. It’s happiness and appreciation for your life that leads to success. The mindset is the vehicle to make that happen. Once he shifted his mindset and received consistent exposure to growth, he saw massive changes in his success. 


If you have dipped your toes into the personal development pool, but you are looking to explore deeper, Brad shares some tips for how to take it to the next level. Many of us are reading or listening to information on these topics, but just consuming is not actually going to make a change. You need to apply what you’ve learned in order to grow. Knowledge is potential power. It is power if you use it. 


People read personal development when it feels good and when it aligns with what they’re doing. But the second it challenges them or gets uncomfortable, that’s when people stop moving forward with it. In reality, having your beliefs challenged is a good thing. When you lean into it, that’s when the shift can continue your growth. When you are in that place of growth, you have to listen to your heart and your intuition and allow them to lead rather than your mind. 


There is no graduation date from growth. Growth is a continuous journey. There are three ways that people need to grow. Most people are only doing half of that. We need all of them to get results quickly. The first is consumption, on a daily basis, of some kind of positive material. Many people are already doing this. The important part of this is application. Pause and think about how it applies to you and then apply it to your life. I talk about how slowing down is the key to speeding up. And also venturing out to read new things instead of reading the same things over and over again. It’s important to be exposed to new ideas. 

[23:19] COACHING

Everybody needs a coach. A coach is able to see your blindspots and ask questions to bring out the best version of you. Many people say that they aren’t able to afford a coach. They say they will hire a coach once they are successful, when they have enough money to pay for it. That is actually the opposite of what we need to do. We need the coach to get to the next level. I share a story about how a coach helped me get a different perspective on my closet talks. It was just one question that created a shift that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own.  


I have had the dream of moving to Florida since I was in high school, but it always seemed like something that was far off. When I set the goal to move there in five or ten years, I started to think “what am I waiting for?” Once I really let that question sink in, I decided to go for it. We looked at a house, signed the papers and sold our house in a very short period of time. Now, this month, it is happening! I am moving to Florida. That wouldn’t be happening if Brad hadn’t asked me that question. It inspired me to dream bigger. 


When you are totally immersed in something, you can learn so much, and make so much progress so fast. Brad makes the comparison of learning a language on an app versus traveling to a country, being immersed in the culture and practicing the language. It allows you to actually explode your growth.   


Doing each of these things on their own is not bad. But by doing all three together will magnify and accelerate the depth of your growth. Put this intention into your life if you want to see changes. 


Over the past ten years, Brad has worked with over ten thousand people in the personal development space. He has studied these people, and put what he’s learned into a masterclass. The masterclass will teach you how to find the success sweet spot, overcome perfectionism, and you will learn about the magnetic success formula. This immersive experience will help you live the life that you want to live. 

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you!


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