Post-Covid Pivots and Perspectives with Lizz Picini

Lizz Picini is a life-long dancer who has since embraced dance education as well as performance. After spending her life dreaming of being a Rockette, it took losing that opportunity to see all of the possibilities the world had to offer. Listen as she shares her moving story as well as everything she has accomplished since the Covid lockdowns. She has embraced change and is excited for how the quarantine has made dance more accessible to all. She is truly a force of positivity and energy! 

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[01:18] Welcome Lizz!

Lizz is a dance teacher in New York and has been one of my daughter Jessy’s favorite online teachers. She truly embodies the spirit and idea of pivoting. Listen in to learn more about her and her journey.

[08:51] Were Her Parents Into Dance?

Neither of her parents were into dance, but her mom does have a degree in music. They’ve always been super supportive of her dreams and willing to help her make them come true. They care and to Lizz,  it’s so helpful that they aren’t as invested as her.

[12:55] Learn What Happened After College

Her heart was set on being a Rockette so she was working her way toward that dream. She was even an intern for the Rockettes yet when it came time for her audition, she didn’t make it. Learn how she overcame the disappointment and is now so happy that she got that no.

[19:04] Sometimes Things Have to be Removed For Us

If Lizz hadn’t received such a clear and devastating no, she never would have found the opportunities she has now. She would have been focused on her dream alone. Instead her world has opened up and she’s excited about the all the opportunities in her life. 

[23:34] Embrace Being a Work In Progress

We are all works in progress and there is nothing wrong with that. When you embrace it, you’re opening the door to opportunities you may have never considered before.

[27:39] Lizz Recounts the First Few Weeks Post-Lockdown

For so many students, Covid has been a strange blessing in disguise. Yes, they’ve put their schooling on hold, but they’ve had the opportunity to learn and collaborate with so many amazing dancers. Lizz is just one of those teachers. Listen to her post-lockdown experience and how she pivoted.

[35:33] Zoom Classes Aren’t Going Anywhere

Lizz has really embraced this new format because she knows this isn’t going anywhere. Now that the community is even more open, online learning will continue to be utilized. She has really enjoyed allowing herself the space to be imperfect and to keep learning.

[39:12] There Is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

It just may be a different type of light. We may never see completely full in person classes again, and we are all learning as we navigate this time. We should give ourselves grace because no one has done this before.

[41:02] Did She Have to Adjust to Her First In-Person Class?

After over a year of teaching through a screen, it took a lot out of her to teach her first hybrid class. Listen as she shares how draining it was to be around people again.

[45:44] What She’s Doing Now

Since the pandemic and all the new skills she’s learned, she’s now considering her own business. Learn more!

[49:53] Lizz’s Favorite Things

Book – Burnout by Amelia Nagosaki and Emily Nagosaki | Movie – Remember the Titans | Travel – She’d go to Mexico | Food – Nachos

What’s bringing her joy? – Appreciating where she is and what she’s doing and celebrating that.


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