Nikki Rausch: Attract Clients that Resonate with a Fresh Approach to Sales

In this episode, my guest is sales expert, Nikki Rausch. Nikki teaches women how to uplevel their influence and income by knowing what to say and how to say it. This conversation will help you decrease your fear around sales, learn how to sell more effectively and understand the impact that we can make not only in our businesses, but in the world. 


Nikki shares her background and a bit about her first sales experience working in a tool store. She talks about how she developed her love for money, which she learned was tied to sales. When working in a seasonal job at a mall kiosk, she got hooked on commission and the fact that she could control what she made. She moved into technology sales and worked her way up within that company. She wanted to be really successful, but she didn’t quite align with the sales style that was prevalent within the male dominated industry. She talks about her transition to starting her own business, The Sales Maven. 


Nikki loves money, but it’s more about the impact for her. She truly believes that by helping women make money, she is contributing to more good in the world. Nikki shares some of the biggest pain points that people experience when it comes to sales. She teaches ways to shift to overcome these fears and sell more effectively. She focuses on making room to attract the kind of people that are the right clients for you. 


Both Nikki and I agree that one of the best parts of entrepreneurship is getting to have a say in who you work with. Nikki talks about how it can be challenging to sell to friends and family, and the importance of getting out in the world to meet different people. 


The process that Nikki uses to teach people about sales is called The Selling Staircase. The idea behind it is that it’s your job to move people along from one step to the next. It all starts with a powerful first impression (step one), then you create curiosity (step two). Once you do that, people often start to give you buying signals which leads to the discovery (step three). Next is the proposal (step four), where you lay out your offer. The last step is the close (step five). It gives people an easy place to decide if they want to work with you. 


I share with Nikki an idea that’s really been resonating with me lately about decision fatigue. People, and women, make thousands of decisions each day, that’s why it’s so important to make it so simple for people to decide how to work with you.


Nikki shares some common mistakes people make when it comes to sales. One of those mistakes is sending out blast messages to everyone. It’s important to make it feel personalized and speak to one person as the reader. Nikki’s process really allows you to find people that resonate with you and your message, creating the potential to do amazing work together. 

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you! 


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