Lacee Green: Breaking Down Barriers For ALL Fitness Focused Females

Today we have Lacee Green, a friend and fellow coach in the fitness realm. Lacee was recently announced as a new Super Trainer (wow!) and has SO MUCH knowledge to share when it comes to female health and wellness. Lacee and I chat about stereotypes and things that hold women back when it comes to fitness. We talk about how to shift focus and empower women of any size, shape, and ethnicity to pursue their own health journeys.     

[03:26] TRAINING  

I had to start out the conversation by congratulating Lacee on her new Super Trainer title for all the hard work she has put in. Lacee mentions how she felt a calling to bring all kinds of people and body types together to show representation in the fitness community. She is delighted to be in this new role and help women in their health journeys.    

[08:24] JOURNEY  

Lacee talks about her journey and how she got to where she is today. She talks about her family, opening a gym, and making her way to be a trainer for beachbody. She mentions that sometimes things look good from the outside, but it really takes dedication and hard work to reach your goals. Every person starts at the beginning and grows from there.   

[19:33] COLLEGE  

The conversation goes back a little to Lacee’s college days where she started to discover her love for fitness and teaching. She talks about the experiences and classes she took that made her realize that she wanted to pursue fitness as a career. She talks about trusting the process as things unfold in your life.    

[24:50] DEVELOPMENT   

Lacee wants people to feel empowered to tell their story how it is, because someone out there will connect with it. She talks about how she has imperfect pieces that make up her story and her life. We should be able to talk about all of our experiences and know that things will eventually connect the way that they should.    


Lacee talks about her gym that she’s owned for about 10 years and her transformation in the fitness space. She went more and more into the beachbody direction and knew it was the right thing to do. She is looking forward to reaching all kinds of different people in this community space.       

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