Kelli Tennant: Living Intuitively and Creating Abundance

In this episode, my guest is Kelli Tennant, a former All-American volleyball player turned sports reporter, now podcaster, and advocate for women. Kelli and I discuss community, abundance, and listening to what we truly want, in a society that often tries to predetermine that for us. 

[00:46] Introduction 

An introduction to Kelli’s background. Kelli shares her story and talks about starting out in sports television. As she advanced in her career, often in a male-dominated culture, she began to realize that she was lacking a strong support system of women. She introduces the idea of societal constructs and the way that they can influence the way that women make decisions, interact with each other, and even think about themselves. We discuss the central themes of this conversation which include community and being of service to women through teaching and support. 

[08:35] Kelli’s Career Beginnings 

Kelli goes into more depth about her background. She talks about how she grew up in a small town in southern California where she fell in love with being on camera from the 6th grade on. She knew it was the beginning of something and began to follow that path. She went on to study at USC and gained many opportunities through networking and cultivating relationships. After graduating, she was hired to work at ESPN. She continued to work her way up in the business, moving across the country and gaining knowledge of her field along the way. Eventually, a time came when she knew it was time to leave her job and use the skills she had learned in a way that better served her. 

[12:50] Transitioning from Working For Someone to Working For You

Through transitionary times, Kelli found herself reevaluating her life. She considered ways in which she was living her life through people-pleasing and getting lost in the chaos of the world around her. She began to listen to herself and ask herself questions about her values. This is how she made her way into podcasting and entrepreneurship. She started to lean into her intuition in decisions about her career and was surprised to receive so much positive feedback in an unknown space. She stresses the importance of changing your frame of mind around what’s possible. Kelli and I share our experiences with entrepreneurship in learning, shedding what doesn’t work, and also finding joy along the way. We encourage women to listen to themselves to find out what they truly want and like. 

[21:30] Powerful Pivots in Success in Identity

Our identities are often so wrapped up in certain aspects of our lives that we don’t know who we are when that is taken away. Kelli and I discuss how we can get clarity by having conversations with ourselves. By doing this, we become less attached to linear limited identities and find our own versions of success. We reference times of transition and reflection, and how it’s important to show ourselves grace when things are changing quickly. By releasing attachment and pressure of doing things a certain way, we allow the opportunity for expansion. We talk about how it is important to extend this to other people as well. It gives others the opportunity to step into themselves. Kelli and I also talk about how we need other people to show us what’s possible. And how vital it is to surround yourself with a powerful community that motivates you to pursue your goals and dreams.

[33:00] The Financial Abundance Mindset

Kelli discusses how our money mindset is ingrained in us. We (women) often don’t believe that we deserve wealth. She invites women to consider their mindsets and belief systems around money, as well as the roots of where those beliefs came from. She suggests that we question if it is something we actually believe. She also shares how we should release expectations if they don’t fit our personal definition of success. Financial abundance doesn’t mean one thing. So much is possible when we release expectations. 

[35:31] Letting Go of Chasing Pre-Defined External Markers for Success

Kelli and I talk about external markers for success, like buying designer bags versus what actually brings one’s unique happiness. We talk about how when we reach certain societal success markers, we may validate that through acquiring material things. People do this not always because they want to, but because it’s what society tells us to do as we climb the ladder of success. We remind women to not play small in their financial dreams. We empower them to strive for what makes them truly happy, regardless of other people’s version of success. We encourage people to get back to the roots of why they are doing something. 

[43:47] Mindset Shifts to Let it Flow

Kelli talks about identifying our fears and our reasons for being afraid to receive. What barriers have been created to stop this flow? In our society, we are taught to suffer well, often getting caught up in a cycle of complaining and unhappiness. I talk with Kelli about a simple, but profound thought, “what if we didn’t do that?” Instead, we should take action on what we want to accomplish and stop giving energy to the things in our lives that don’t serve us. Take notice and make shifts over time. We remind listeners to not be afraid to rewrite their new reality. We should not be living on standards from the past. 

[48:44] Personal Development Recommendations

Kelli and I discuss her favorite books for personal development. Please find the links listed below. I share one of my favorite principles about how we are always a work in progress. And how working on and showing up for ourselves should be a guiding principle. We remind listeners that we have the power to change patterns and experiences. And that it’s okay to create boundaries and honor ourselves. To be unapologetic in how we live our lives. We are not here to suffer. We talk about how joy, play, and pleasure should be at the core of what we do every day. An idea that is often forgotten. Kelli and I leave listeners to consider the lens in which we are viewing ourselves and the world. 

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you! 


Find out more about Kelli on her website where she guides women in becoming the best, most empowered versions of themselves. 

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