Jennifer Jacobs: Creating Impact Through Fitness

In this episode, my guest is Entrepreneur, Super Trainer and former Peloton SR Instructor, Jennifer Jacobs. We discuss how helping people and feeling good have been at the root of her fitness journey and how that has propelled her throughout her career.  


Jennifer shares how she grew up on a dairy farm in a very small town. Growing up, she had a variety of hobbies and lived an active lifestyle. She talks about a pivotal moment when her father became ill, and from that experience, she realized her calling to help people. As a young adult, she was introduced to fitness and quickly became a personal trainer. She soon realized that as a personal trainer, she was able to help people in a way that she was passionate about. 


After graduating college, Jennifer went to France for the summer. She soon fell in love with a Frenchman, who happened to be a famous French actor. Before she knew it, she was living life in the spotlight, in a way that was almost unimaginable for a girl from such a small town. They got married spur the moment and children were soon to follow. 


Jennifer had an opportunity to train a couple in New York for 8 weeks. She was excited to explore the city and help them reach their goals. Another couple soon reached out to her with an offer for her to train them virtually over Skype. In 2007, this was almost unheard of, but this occurrence opened the door to her future calling. Jennifer went back to France and continued to grow an online training business. She talks about how her partner at the time didn’t support her, but she knew she was helping people make a change in their lives to become their best selves, and that was enough to keep her going. Jennifer and I both agree that our support systems are everything. We also discuss the opportunities that online business has to offer when it comes to meeting people, making an impact and building a community. 


Jennifer talks about the cultural differences as an American living in France, as well as the differences around health and fitness. She talks about her first job working the front desk at a small hotel, as a way to learn French. From there, she began to train the President of the hotel. She had big ideas to implement as far as health and fitness. Ideas that may have been too innovative for the town at that time.


Jennifer talks about how she gathered her courage to leave France and go to New York. In 2015, New York was the place to be in terms of health and fitness. She started working for a small company, at the time, Peloton. She became one of the first Peloton trainers teaching strength and cycling. She talks about the excitement of that time and also recognizes the growth it provided. Jennifer learned valuable lessons about fitness content, teaching live, but most importantly impacting people, and how you can do so with your words. Jennifer and I talk about how feeling is often overlooked in fitness. People often focus on how things look, instead of how it makes them feel. The feeling is really what makes the impact and keeps people coming back.  


After four years at Peloton, Jennifer was ready for a new challenge. She yearned for more personal growth in her career. As she began to look for new opportunities, the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, approached her and invited her to join Beachbody. She was immediately drawn to his passion. While still deciding what direction she wanted to go, she continued to keep in touch with Carl. Jennifer talks about how her experience prepared her for building her own fitness program. She talks about her values that went into creating Job1.


Jennifer talks about how the skills and strength built in Job1 are transferable to life. She talks about sustainability in living a healthy life vs quick fad diets and programs. With this mindset, it’s easier to make choices that support a healthy lifestyle. She also talks about implementing these shifts in a way that feels good. It’s not a one size fits all, it’s what feels best for YOU. We talk about how simplicity is important to make healthy habits more attainable. 


Recent studies talk about the benefits of an evening workout before bed. Jennifer also shares her ritual of taking a bath each day. We discuss the habits that you can add into your nighttime routine to help you lead a better life and function at a more optimal level, both physically and mentally.


I share with Jennifer my experience as a young mom trying to stay fit. We talk about how as young mothers we wish we could have had access to the resources that are available now. Jennifer talks about how structure and a program that would deliver results would have been so helpful in that time. She reminds mothers that it’s possible to become better than you have ever been, even before children. She talks about the importance of prioritizing yourself and having the right support. 

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you!


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