Elizabeth Hartke: Leading Entrepreneurs to Limitless Potential

In this episode, my guest is Liz Hartke. She is the Founder of Luminary Leadership Company and has used a culmination of her skills to build something truly beautiful. From her own experience growing up in an entrepreneurial family, she saw the challenges faced in the opposing worlds of parenthood and entrepreneurship. She decided to structure her business around not a time-for-money model, but a model based in freedom and integrity. Listen in to learn how she supports business owners and families to reach their limitless potential through leadership, while honoring their visions of their lives. 


I invite Liz to share a bit about her background. She is a mother of three young children. She recently moved her family from Boston to a farm in Wisconsin for a more rural lifestyle. Liz is  the founder of the Luminary Leadership Company, where she helps leaders realize their visions and live to their fullest potential. Liz was raised in an entrepreneurial environment. Both of her parents had their own businesses so she got to see first hand the parts of entrepreneurship that appealed to her, and the parts that didn’t. She used that example to structure the business she runs today. 


Liz attended Stonehill College and during that time she often traveled to Boston for fun, though her roots are in New Hampshire where she grew up. After getting her degree, she decided that going into corporate was the best decision for her at the time. She worked in marketing for a global liquor company in the city. She loved the concept behind what she was doing, but the job wasn’t the right fit. She left the company and began to branch out on her own. 


Liz was working for herself for about two years before she was connected with Beachbody. She started really exploring the network marketing model. She saw the potential for growth and the stability that it offered. She built her business within Beachbody until it was self-sustaining. It provided a strong foundation for the things she needed in her life, and wanted to continue to build in business. 


Once Liz broke away from the alcohol industry, she realized she could transfer the skills she had learned to any industry. Liz reflected on her childhood memories and saw what it took for her mother to build a business and also have the freedom to be a mom. It took lots of late nights and hard work. She didn’t want to repeat that pattern, so she pivoted her business model. Her new mission became helping purpose-driven business owners scale in a way that gave them freedom. Her first business was called Scale Up, and while it was wildly successful, she knew she needed to pivot further to help people reach their limitless potential, while upholding the integrity of the larger vision of their lives. That’s how the Luminary Leadership company was born. Under her new model, she would support people beyond just business. 


When embarking on this new project, Liz was tested in her leadership abilities and she was called to rise to the challenge. She knew she had been too comfortable in her previous role, so she leaned into it. She knew that while it was hard, it would be worth it.   


In a group of highly-qualified individuals in a business incubator, all 23 of the people were putting the others on pedestals and devaluing their own character and experience. Liz and I talk about fear and the lens in which we see ourselves. We all have felt like “ the dumb one in the room” at one time or another. We are all human!


Liz talks about some things she’s learned after being involved in masterminds. In her first mastermind, she felt like she had truly been seen. It was a supportive environment where people not only saw her for who she was, but also the potential of who she could be. She talks about how it really connected the dots in the places she had been stuck in her business. The mastermind also opened up a whole new network of people and opportunities. It accelerated everything and made it fun again! It was life-changing. 


Women often think that we have to do it all on our own. We wonder together why that is. Liz draws back to history and how women tried to show that they could be independent to gain status in a “mans working world.” There is an idea that there’s limited seats at the table, but we are starting to see that narrative shift in younger generations. 


A mastermind is a meeting of the minds. It’s a collaborative experience where everyone brings their wisdom and expertise to the table. Liz shares different types of masterminds and provides insight on what might be the most impactful depending on what you’re looking for. It’s important to choose one where the purpose and the people align with your goals. 


Liz has been working on an inspiring new project. Often people that are parents and entrepreneurs feel split in two. Her new project creates a space for founder families to thrive. It helps them to come together and provides the resources to help them level up into the leaders that they need to be. She talks about a new program that will be debuting in June called Camp Luminary. Within this camp there will be activities for both parents and children of the founder families that encourage entrepreneurial spirit and thinking. This is an entirely new concept that will provide vision, tools and the possibility to change future generations. 


Liz shares some background behind her “true north.” She talks about the importance of having clarity in your vision, and choosing to invest your time and energy in opportunities that are in alignment with that. We conclude with recognizing that we are all works in progress!

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you!


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