Creating Your Space with Noel Gatts

Noel Gatts left the world of musical theatre to commit herself fully to motherhood, and after years of focusing on her children, she knew she needed something for herself.  She needed to unpack her dreams – albeit in a different way this time. She started her interior design journey with her very own 3 bedroom “fixer upper” and realized that she’d found a new direction for her creative energy. She later launched beam&bloom and has since earned recognition and awards for service and design, teaching you how to best start creating your space. Listen as she shares more about her journey and provides actionable tips and advice for creating your space to feel like home. 

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[01:27] Noel’s Background and Journey

Noel left school and went to New York to pursue a career in musical theatre. Then she met her husband and they wanted to start a family. After having two kids, she knew that it was time to leave musical theatre and focus on her family.

[04:20] The Good and Bad of Musical Theatre in New York 

She had an amazing experience working in New York, but it truly is a hustle. Just because you get that one Broadway role, doesn’t mean that you’ll have it made. It’s constantly a hustle and grind. 

[06:36] Motherhood Was a Whole New World 

Another amazing thing about having a family in New York is the playground life. There are all of these fantastic little parks that you can go to. However it was a huge shift to give up her career aspirations to solely be a mom. Once the kids went to school, she knew she needed something for herself.

[10:37] Performing Is In Noel’s Nature 

It’s crazy how much her career in musical theatre and later everything she learned through motherhood affected her current career in interior design. She’s constantly helping and nurturing her clients while also making sure that they have the experience they want.

[11:57] The Pivot From Hobby to Business 

After she got her first few projects under her belt, she realized that she could truly run her own business. She was handling quite a bit of her client’s money and knew she could handle it when things went wrong. Those first few projects helped her banish the imposter syndrome.

[14:01] Noel’s Thoughts on Imposter Syndrome 

Women are definitely more prone to imposter syndrome than men, but when it comes down to it, we are all students. You know you’re interested and you want to do the thing, use those desires and develop your confidence. 

[16:06] Creating Your Space

We are all spending so much more time at home these days. Listen as Noel shares how you can begin to create appropriate spaces for every person in your home. Learn the four fundamentals to creating a space you love. 

[20:42] Your Flow Is Your Own

Just because a room has a title doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. Noel’s office is on her screened porch. Our dining room now doubles as a workout area. You need to be able to move within and through your space, no matter the “formal” designations the rooms have been given. 

[24:16] Where to Shop

You don’t have to have custom pieces to make your room unique. Creating a space that reflects your style and values can be done by shopping at places like Target and Etsy. Each room should have one or two focal pieces that draw the eye and evoke emotions. Don’t forget creative storage solutions.

[27:30] Tips for Female Entrepreneurs 

You don’t need an office. You can create a workspace out of a lot of different nooks in your house. Think of console tables and have designated spaces for your supplies and materials. Plus you don’t necessarily have to work in one place all the time.

[31:21] Actionable Tips For Getting Started

Noel thinks you should just focus on one area at a time. Think about what you want to use the space for, how you want to move through the space, and the colors you want to surround yourself with. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking you need to fix everything at one time. 



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