Reviving Passion And Purpose In Your Midlife Season

March 14, 2024

In this inspirational episode of ‘Crank It Up,’ our host Julie sits down with Jenny to discuss the revitalization of passion and purpose during the midlife season.

The conversation dives deep into the

  • fluid nature of finding purpose
  • the transition into empty nesting
  • reshaping the conventional narrative around women’s roles

Julie shares her personal journey, from the classroom to the fitness studio, and how teaching fitness became the beacon that lit her path.

She also touches on the profound impact of being present and connecting with others, while Jenny offers wisdom on imprinting powerful examples for the next generation.

1. Definition of Midlife:

Midlife is being reprised from something seen as a crisis typical at age 50 or 60 to a dynamic season beginning as early as 35. Julie says it’s ‘this middle portion of your life’ where ‘logistical, emotional, mental, physical shifts’ often occur, altering one’s course.

Detailing how this period can cause seismic shifts, she paves the way for exploring purpose, well-being, and community as keystones to navigating this stage.

2. The Concept of Purpose:

Julie broadens the concept of purpose beyond specific roles or actions, focusing it more on what brings joy.

She invites listeners to rethink purpose as more fluid and expansive, saying,

professional actors may define their purpose not as being on Broadway, but as bringing joy to people through song and dance as performers. – Julie

3. Fluidity of Purpose:

Julie reflects on her personal journey, stating, ‘part of my purpose has been teaching and mentoring… but that’s looked a lot of different ways.’ This theme highlights that while our core purpose may remain steady, the ways it manifests can change over time.

4. Intersection of Purpose and Gifts:

Jenny introduces the idea that while someone’s gift might be their remarkable voice or acting ability, their purpose utilizes these gifts in service of a higher goal like bringing joy or storytelling.

Julie uses the example of her husband who ‘coached forever’ as an intertwining of gift and purpose.

5. Purpose through Service and Making a Difference:

Julie emphasizes purpose is inherently linked to serving others and making a difference. It recharges our batteries, she says, making us feel reenergized and fulfilled—even when we’re physically tired, illustrating it as ‘an energy alignment.

Pursuing Purpose with Intuition:

“Every career step I took that was a shift towards purpose, towards joy, towards whatever made zero sense on paper. Logistically made zero sense. But I felt this thing in my core, and and it and it helped that my husband was supportive enough to be like, sure. If if you think we can do this, like, let’s let’s go and try because honoring the energy alignment.”
— Jenny

6. Transitioning to New Life Stages:

Julie discusses how shifts such as empty nesting offer mental space for personal introspection, allowing individuals to reevaluate their purpose. They discuss having more time in midlife to explore and define purpose without societal-defined roles.

7. Energy Alignment:

Through various anecdotes, both Julie and Jenny stress the importance of finding activities that bring about an energy alignment, that feeling of being exactly where you’re supposed to be, which is at the heart of experiencing purpose.

Finding Life’s Alignment:

“You gotta get okay with when you are feeling that feeling of alignment, it really doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks or says to you because it’s just not their life.”
— Julie

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3 Big Takeaways 

1. Purpose Is Ever-Evolving:

Both Julie and Jenny emphasize that purpose is not fixed to a specific occupation or role but is a sensation of joy and fulfilment that can evolve with life’s shifts.

Midlife offers a prime opportunity to rediscover what truly ignites one’s enthusiasm and to expand one’s identity beyond traditional boundaries.

2. Intuition and Curiosity Are Your Guides:

Trusting one’s inner voice and remaining curious are heralded as essential for navigating midlife transitions. Julie and Jenny herald the power of following what feels right energetically, suggesting that even if a new direction may not make sense on paper, it might be the very path to happiness and purpose.

3. Embracing Your Multifaceted Purpose:

The episode challenges the notion that a woman’s purpose is solely tied to motherhood. Instead, it celebrates the diversity of passions and purposes that women can pursue.

Julie models this by sharing her multifaceted roles, and Jenny speaks about being a living example for her daughters, showing them that their aspirations are only limited by the breadth of their dreams.

Thank you so much for listening to the Crank It Up podcast. If you know a friend who would benefit from this I mean, who wouldn’t? If you know a friend who would benefit from this episode, this conversation around personal growth, will you share this episode with them? I would appreciate it.

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