How to Become a Goal-Getter

June 6, 2024

Hey there, friends. Welcome back to the crank it up podcast. Listen, I am telling you, it is such a simple shift to write your goals down every day, and it makes all the difference.

The tendency, right, is to make a vision board on January 1st and leave it up somewhere, but never really tap back into it. The game changer is when you start writing your goals down every single day. And as a habit and mindset coach for a very long time, I talk about this all the time.

I talk about this methodology in your in your life. And I also know it’s really easy to sort of dismiss what I might say because you might be thinking, well, yeah, JV, you would say that. You created this planner. So, of course, you think it’s awesome.

I thought today might be a nice day to share some stories with some of my amazing women in in the planner community who have shared with me what the planner has done for them because who better to listen to, right, than someone who’s actually using it and getting results.

So I wanted to share with you a couple just like I guess you could call them testimonies. You know, I printed them off because I wanted to make sure that I really used their words and didn’t use mine. Like, my friend Carrie was able to pay off her student and her car loans earlier than anticipated.

Listen to that again. Carrie was able to pay off her student and her car loans earlier than anticipated in using the Project 100 planner, not because the Project 100 Planner made her any money.

Using the Project 100 Planner made her more focused. It made her more diligent in what she did every day.

She could see, because she had to write it down every day, her goals every single day, and then it made her take more aligned action because she was writing it down every day.

Jenny finished her children’s book proposal, and she submitted her manuscript.

This was something she’d been putting off for years. And, again, because she wrote it down every day, she saw it every day, she was able to really align her action with those dreams. Britney was able to build confidence to step into her dream job as a full time nurse outside of a hospital setting.

My dear friend Jenny was able to treat her mom and her daughters to a Disney World weekend adventure. Now you already know how much I love that. You know, I how much I love that.

I also want to tell you about my friend Margaret. Margaret has been in the community for more than a year and a half, probably a couple years at this point.

And, at first, she got the Project100 Planner to simply help her start dreaming again and start setting goals to live, like, a really bold, healthy, adventurous life.

Because Margaret’s midlife and beyond, and I think that is a season in life. I’m in that season of life where it can sort of feel strange or weird or like it’s too late. Right? Like it’s too late.

Like your shelf life is is done. Like your time has passed and and you just don’t have any more time to set big goals and big dreams.

Why? I’ve already told you. I plan on living to be a 120. I have a lot of years left on this planet. Why would I not spend them going after big dreams and big goals?

Margaret thought the same. That’s why I adore her so much.

So when she kind of got into the Project100 Planner for the first time, she set some big goals for travel. And, again, she worked hard every day to make them happen because she was writing those goals down every single day and then aligning her action with those goals.

She went to Hawaii.

She swam with sharks.

Friend. She scuba dived in Honduras.

She went on a 5 week RV trip with her husband, and also my favorite, she did an epic girl’s trip to Disney World, and she did it all in 1 year.

So because she really checked off so many of her goals, I said Margaret, Margaret, Margaret, I need to know a little bit more about you and the Project100 Planner and your experience with it, and her message back to me, her email back to me was this.

Well, this has been an interesting question for me to contemplate. I went back and pulled out my first Project100 day 1 planner and thought about what the tangibles were.

And 1st and foremost, she needed a big goal to live, and these are her words, to live a bold, healthy, adventurous, ageless life.

Let me say that again. She went back and pulled out her her planner, and she looked at that goal, that first goal that she wanted to write down, and it was to live a bold, healthy, adventurous, ageless life.

I don’t know about you, but that resonates so deeply with me. Who doesn’t want to live a bold, healthy, adventurous, ageless life?

Margaret is a queen, And she also shares she had gone to a little bit of a dark place, that thinking in her late sixties she could no longer be vibrant and relevant in life. Listen, friend, if you’re listening to this podcast, there’s probably part of you that has been told this narrative by society.

And here’s Margaret saying that she was thinking it in her late sixties.

As women, I think we hear it starting in our forties, that your time has passed. A lot of this comes with our reproductive season, and when you’re no longer able to have children, society has told us, well, you’re no longer of real value to the world.

So it’s up to us to call absolute, utter BS on that and challenge that patriarchal mindset, set, challenge that culture. So here’s Margaret sharing that in her late sixties, she thought maybe she couldn’t be relevant in life anymore.

And so setting tangible goals, the first 100 days, the first time that she is the planner, was really about returning to personal growth and planning for bigger dreams and living in gratitude every day.

Then she set big goals for travel the next year and started focusing on planning and making those dreams come true.

Again, Hawaii, Honduras, she’s swimming with the sharks, she was boogie boarding. I mean, it’s just so crazy, but she’s so awesome. Her RV trip, going to Disney World.

So it’s like she took the planner and her first step with the planner was, okay, I’ve gotta give myself permission to dream big again.

Like, just being in my sixties doesn’t mean I don’t dream big anymore. And then as she continued to use it, continue to use it, again, you’re writing your goals down every single day.

You’re taking aligned action towards them every single day. You’re really connecting those dots between what you do every day and what you do in your life.

Then the next time she came into the Project100 Planner, her dreams got a little bigger, but they also got a little bit more in focus.

They got a little bit more in focus. Then she said the next time she used the planner, it’s kept her grounded and looking forward as she got a diagnosis of a health condition, what that might mean, and she knew that writing down her next goals and focusing every day on what she wanted to accomplish has kept her forward leaning in a positive way.

I mean, what what else what else do you want from a planner? Right? What else do you want from a community?

You know, sometimes you just need that gentle reminder, that push, that you are capable of more and you need to be having a habit, a practice, if you will, in place that reminds you of that every day.

So I’ll finish with what Margaret kind of finished here too.

She says, this planner and this community reminds me every day the strengths, the skills, and experiences that she has to draw on. She draws energy and joy from seeing women succeeding, finding our own strengths, and growing.

I find purpose in cheering everyone on as part of our community. I know I’m in a different season of life with different goals than some of our community. I’ve lived through and learned much about that they now travel through.

So she’s on a little bit of, you know, an emotional roller coaster here and there as she is in kind of a different season. But here’s the deal.

Challenges are challenges. Hardships are hardships. Pain is pain. And we all go through it. It all has meaning. It all has impact. And, you know, Margaret is such an icon in our community. We just love her so much.

And to her point, challenge is challenge. It doesn’t matter what season of life you’re in. Right? Challenge is challenge. Hardship is hardship. Life is life, whatever season of life that you are in, and getting a tool in your life that helps you really focus on what you want.

And then and this is the important part, take the aligned action to make it happen. That’s game changing, no matter whether in your twenties, your thirties, your forties, your fifties, your sixties, I don’t know about you, but I wanna be Margaret when I grow up. I wanna be swimming with the dolphins and scuba diving in Honduras.

And of course I wanna be in Walt Disney World and doing that every day. And knowing that there’s a tool out there that can help me do that just by getting more clear on what I want my life to look like.

I think especially as women, we go through our day to day drowning in the to do list. Then we get to the end of the life and look back and go, where did that time go and why didn’t I do more with it?

And you can get kind of a glimpse of that when you simply think about how fast a month goes, how fast a week goes, how fast a day goes. When I think about getting to the end of the month… ‘m recording this right now on the last day in May.

And all I can think about is wasn’t yesterday, May 1st, and now it’s May 31st. Like how did that happen? That’s how fast time goes. And we have a choice of drowning in the to do lists, drowning in the day to day stuff that is life. Yes.

Writing Goals Down Every Day Is A Game-Changer

Or getting really clear on what we want our life to look and feel like, how we want to feel when we wake up in the morning and getting clear on what are small steps we can take every single day because nothing changes overnight, but everything can change over time.

And taking those small steps every single day, moving towards that life that we can see in our mind’s eye, that we can feel in our hearts, that really is what the Project100 Planner is all about.

So listen, don’t take it from me. Take it from Margaret and from Jenny, and from Carrie, and from the others who have used this planner and really made shifts in their life that perhaps before felt unattainable.

That’s why the Project100 Planner is different, and that’s why I think it can help you create your life on purpose with purpose. So get one today, and let’s crank it up. That’s it for this episode.

Thank you so much for listening to the Crank It Up podcast. If you know a friend who would benefit from this I mean, who wouldn’t? If you know a friend who would benefit from this episode, this conversation around personal growth, will you share this episode with them? I would appreciate it.

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about personal growth. Let’s get the world, especially women, on an intentional personal growth journey. Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about cranking up your goals, cranking up your dreams, and cranking up your life.

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