Mix It Up with Shakeology (and End Your Food Rut)

shakeology smoothie bowl

Feeling like you’re in a food rut? Especially during quarantine (thanks to COVID-19), it can be easy to get bored with the same meals, bored with cooking, and frankly, bored with eating!

But now that the weather is warming up, it’s a great time to mix it up a bit, try something new, and take advantage of seasonal produce.

In the Beachbody community, there are so many great recipes to stay focused on eating well (even ways that feel like “cheating”). That’s because Shakeology is so versatile and packed full of pure nutrition. Shakeology is super simple to mix into virtually anything, and classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla pair well with all kinds of foods. 

The options are nearly endless, but here are some of my family’s favorite ways to enjoy Shakeology:

The Ever-Delicious Shake

You know and love the classic Shakeology shake. (Pumpkin Spice might be my all-time favorite!) Perhaps you like to mix it up with delicious fruits and veggies and use as a meal replacement. But shakes as desserts?! This might sound too good to be true.

Try these recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings:


Jessy’s Smoothie Bowl

Want to try Shakeology a whole new way? My daughter Jessy’s smoothie bowl is packed FULL of Shakeology greatness: delicious fruits, nuts, and granola; fiber; and even collagen for a breakfast that power-starts your day. 

To make your own smoothie bowl, simply blend:

  • Mango (for extra creaminess)
  • Frozen berries
  • Fresh spinach
  • Almond milk
  • Shakeology single serving of your choice (Jessy uses Tropical Strawberry!)
  • 1 scoop of collagen
  • 1 scoop of digestive boost fiber
  • Almond milk (cover ingredients about ¾ of the way)

Pour the blended mixture into your favorite bowl. The consistency should be a little thicker than your normal shake, just to give your bowl a good, solid base. (You can always add a little ice if you need to thicken.) Once everything’s all blended up and in the bowl, top with your favorite fresh fruit (raspberries, bananas, pomegranates, etc.) and some granola for texture and crunch. Voila! — something different (and incredibly delicious) to get your day going. 

Watch Jessy Make Her Favorite Smoothie Bowl


Protein-Packed Energy Bites

Feeling snacky? Shakeology energy bites are packed full of protein, making them a go-to snack for keeping energy up and satisfying hunger. And the best part is they’re SO easy to make — no baking required! They are super easy to pack in kiddos’ lunches or take on road trips, too. Try these recipes to start: 



For the ultimate sweet tooth, try fudgy Chocolate Shakeology Pudding, featuring two secret ingredients: banana and avocado for extra creaminess. So, so yum! 

I just love seeing the new and innovative ways the Beachbody community makes staying healthy fun and easy! What new creations have you been mixing up? Email me to share!

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