1:1 Voxer Coaching and Support

with Habits + Mindset Coach, Julie Voris

What Is Voxer Coaching?

Voxer coaching is a style of support for those who need to verbally process the shifts, changes and actions steps they are trying to make in their lives.

Voxer is a voice & messaging app that will allow you to have access to Julie’s coaching and insight without needing to coordinate meetings and zoom calls.

You’ll be able to “sound off” and ask for advice when it’s best for you — and Julie will reciprocate with the wisdom and JV truthlove you are really looking for.

Voxer coaching and access to this type of intimate mentorship provides accountability to follow through with an investment in themselves to move the needle on living your life on purpose with purpose.

Who Is This Type of Coaching Good For?

Anyone who wants more intimate coaching & mentorship as they are honing in their habits, mindset and goal setting.

They want to chat through struggles and roadblocks in real time and want to receive hands on feedback from an expert whose insights and truthlove they trust and vibe with.

How Does It Work?

📞 You’ll have a 15 min Discovery Discussion to kick-off your week. Be in immediate (real time) discussion with Julie to unpack your goals, talk about where you might be stuck, and help devise a plan of action for your week of mentorship ahead.

💬 You’ll have the full week to continue to check in, receive tips & motivation directly from Julie and continue to be in conversation as you navigate your journey.

After you purchase, Julie’s team will coordinate an official start date for your 1 week journey. 


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