Brad Bizjack: Why Personal Development Doesn’t Work

In this episode, Brad and I have a conversation about some of the main blocks that come up in personal development. We discuss what it takes for actual personal transformation instead of just going through the motions. Brad gives tips on steps people can take to help them in their journeys and how his program can help.  


Brad and I dive right in to why personal development doesn’t work. The big statement here is “people use personal development as an escape to actually developing personally”. In other words, they use it to avoid doing things that actually scare them. They are taking steps without real action. 


Brad speaks on two key points when it comes to personal transformation. The first point is that movement is not always equal to achievement. It takes real action and tough questions for real growth. The second point is that your identity needs to evolve. Setting fear aside and growing as a person is necessary for true transformation. 

[16:48] HAVE A VISION  

Brad gives his top three tips for taking action and making big life changes. The first tip is to be the visionary of your own life. Be a leader and look at things from a different perspective. It’s up to you to pave a path for change. 

[24:10] BE A LEADER 

The second tip is to surround yourself with people who support you in your personal development. Growth won’t happen if you are surrounded by people who don’t have the same drive that you do. Having a community that invests in growth is important. 


The third tip is to invest to make progress. Sometimes you have to give a little to gain a lot. Commit to investments for the future that will help you make the transformative changes you are looking to make. 


Brad talks about his yearly program called The Success Accelerator. The program helps people address the blocks that are holding them back. He uses five steps to help rewire the brain for people to take the necessary steps in personal development.      


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