Normalizing Mental Health with Dan Vukmirovich

In today’s episode I talk with multi-passionate human, Dan Vukmirovich, about normalizing mental health. We reflect on his life experiences that have taught him many lessons about healing past traumas, using discernment, using relationships to heal and how to set a pace that works for his life. Dan has a depth of knowledge and experience that I know you’ll be able to relate to and learn from! 

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1:55 Intro to Dan 

From music pastor to beachbody coach to gym owner to music teacher to playing in a band, Dan has pivoted many times in his life! When you are an entrepreneur, you learn your strengths and your weaknesses, which has been so helpful through his life experiences. 

10:40 Being Multi Passionate 

We can and have the opportunity to pursue a lot of paths in today’s world. When you’re following your path towards joy you are going to live a life that’s worth living, not just a life that you are existing in. 

17:30 The Covid Experience 

Dan learned during the last year that he had to go into the depths or the heart of darkness in order to come through into the light. Pre-covid, we had been living in busy mode. Covid has allowed us to slow down, but that has brought us deeper into the depths. Have the courage to face the brokenness. 

22:00 Normalize Mental Health 

As we grow up, we are required to take a gym class every day in school. Why don’t we have any education around mental health or stress management? 

27:40 Pivoting to Writing 

Dan has started a blog where he set a goal to write 5 days a week. He is interested in writing about normalizing mental health and healing our traumas . Check out Dan’s blog here

31:10 Authentic Relationships Help to Heal

When we have people around us who we know will love us even in our darkest places, it can help us build a greater sense of confidence so we can move forward in our healing. You learn that you are worthy no matter what is happening in the external world. 

33:05 Discernment 

Discern your day. What is truly needed for today? Make the list, but also be present with every moment and be open to letting go of the list. Discern what has greater value moment to moment. Discernment is different from escapism. As you are discerning, what you are doing is moving towards the vision you have for your life in totality. Discernment leads to authenticity. 

45:30 What did you learn in 2020?

Pace. There is a difference between hurry and hustle. There is no grounding in the hurry. When you hustle, you can feel your feet on the pavement. 


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