Mindset Revisited With Brad Bizjack

Are you ready for mindset gold? Brad Bizjack, my mindset coach and mentor, is back to chat about mindset, framed around his own story of growth, learning, and success. Listen as he shares his path to where he is today and why he is where he is. Truly, this is a mindset revisited episode. So often lately, I’ve heard women and clients saying and asking why it’s taking so long to “be successful”. My question for you is what makes you think your path is taking so long? And who gets to decide what the “right amount of time” truly is? It took Brad 10 years of trial, error, and tweaking to find his success…and he’s still working on it every day.

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[2:95] Brad’s earliest mindset mentor and role model

Brad grew up in the Chicago suburbs and remembers at school his first running back coach, Lou who left a really significant impression on him that he’s never forgotten. He was his first role model and mentor because he taught Brad the art of never giving up on what you want, and going after everything you could possibly dream of in your life. This was really useful advice for Brad who shared in the episode how he grew up with the feeling of not being enough, not feeling he was ever worthy enough to actually achieve his goals.

[03:35] Too much month at the end of the money

Brad also shares how money always seemed to be the main stressor in family life, like so many of us can probably relate to. This scarcity mindset led to him creating very early beliefs around money; making money was incredibly hard, and once you had it, it would disappear, or if you didn’t have a lot of it, you couldn’t be happy. These limiting money beliefs and feelings of not being enough led Brad to seek validation in his life through football – trying to prove he was worthy. As he got older he also realized that big insecurity in his life centered around trying to prove himself and not feeling like other people understood him or his situation, like he needed permission to go after his biggest goals and dreams.

[11:42] The lesson in loving the now

Brad shared that he found a way to start appreciating the now and it’s truly where his life started to turn around. He reminded us that our external world is a mirror for our internal world – how you feel on the inside, will lead to what happens on the outside. All of a sudden you take responsibility for everything, you start moving forward, you start taking action and everything changes, everything starts to shift.

[13:58] The pivot

Once Brad started to realize that the circumstances he resented for so long were actually gifts, he started to make sense of things more. He was still broke, and recently fired from his day job when he flew to San Diego for a mindset conference. The first topic they covered? Appreciating your past, present, and future as the key to getting unstuck in your life! And it changed everything for Brad – he went through one of the greatest transformational experiences of his life. It’s the same day that he also came up with the business idea with his friend Colleen that has led to his current success – a way to help people change from the inside out through his online program. He paid off his $92,000 debt in a year, retired from his corporate job, got married, and built an incredible business. Appreciation was the skill that changed everything; when he started to love his circumstances before he had the circumstances he wanted is when he started to take the action that led him to where he was meant to be in his life.

[17:00] Inspired by the idea of possibility

Brad became so inspired by the idea of possibility and went for it. His old running coach had also taught him that if you have a vision for something, find a way to keep going towards it. Brad’s vision at the time was just freedom but it soon became apparent that he was really just taking two steps forward and three steps back. He was trying so hard but what he was doing wasn’t working. He remembers thinking if he’s doing what he’s supposed to, working hard, putting the time in, trying, etc. then why wasn’t his business where he wanted it to be? It felt like life kept beating him over the head with all sorts of lessons for what he really needed to learn.

He had a feeling inside that he wasn’t destined for mediocrity, but when people on his coaching team were quitting saying, ‘if all it took was hard work, you’d already be successful’ – Brad really started to feel like a failure – at everything.

[18:16] The heart has wisdom the mind will never understand

Your mind is fear-based, purely on a survival mechanism. It’s always looking for what could go wrong. It’s always looking for what to protect you from. But if we don’t stand guard at the gates of our minds, then negativity is going to bloom automatically. But your heart knows the true answer. It knows where you’re meant to go. And sometimes you have to suspend what societal norms tell you is right, to listen to what you feel in your heart. Brad shared how every single person, including people very close to him, told him that what he was doing was one of the stupid decisions he could ever make. But it ultimately led to a life that he absolutely loves. Listen to the calling of your heart, just lean into it.

[21:32] We’re all so afraid that we might actually be awesome

Brad said he really thinks that we’re all more afraid of blowing our own minds than we are of failing; we’re so afraid that we might actually be awesome. Letting our fear tell us what we should be doing, or worse still letting society or conditioning show us what should be done, instead of following the calling of our heart. So much rhetoric around having the same job for life, being at certain markers for success at specific ages is all damaging to us.

[23:48] Becoming a dad: the biggest pivot of all

Four months ago Brad and his wife welcomed their baby girl into their lives and he knows this is the biggest pivot yet! Brad shares how despite thinking he was playing big before it’s nothing like holding your baby in your arms and knowing the exact reason and purpose for being here. Once Lily was born he realized that if he didn’t show up as the best version of himself every day he would scar her and pass on the same limiting patterns – and that’s the last thing he wants. He’s also now super proud to be offering his mindset work on a much bigger scale to teams and organizations and this has been an amazing uplevel for him and his business.

[30:23] Don’t tell your kids to go after their dreams if you’re still playing small

Kids won’t listen to what you say, they’ll listen to what you do. If you are not going after your dreams, you are hurting your children. You’re teaching them not to dream. And Brad invites us to think about what that does for their self-worth. Think about the long-term consequences of what it is you’re selling to your kid’s self-worth when they don’t see a mom or a dad going after what they truly want. They’re not going to feel worthy. And how is that going to affect who they meet, who they marry, how they show up in college or university, or whatever it is they do in their lives? But the minute you go after your dreams, and you show them what’s possible, and show them the failures too,  so all of a sudden they’ll learn the lessons to be able to go after their dreams because they’ve seen you go through it.


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