Julie Voris: Don’t Be a Carol

Today’s episode is a reminder that all situations and experiences contain a lesson. It’s about how you look at it and how you learn from it. This conversation is a sneak peek into a conversation from mid-February in my Energize Live community. We talk about the “How” and the “Wow” person in relationships as well as a story from a strange encounter with my neighbor. 


I talk about a really great episode I was listening to on the “All It Takes is a Goal” podcast by Jon Acuff. He says that in every marriage or partnership there is one person that is the “How” person and one person is the “Wow” person. The “Wow” person is the dreamer, the “How” person is the more logical person that’s focused on making things happen. I discuss my takeaways from the episode and how these two roles function together in a partnership. 


I provide some context to the story I’m about to tell. As you may know, I have three dogs and in our house in Indiana, where this story takes place, we had a fenced in backyard for them to play in. I was raised to be mindful of what other people think, and am cognizant of that when my dogs are outside. 


One day my doorbell rang and it was a couple I had never seen before with their two dogs. The woman was very upset about my dogs barking in my fenced in backyard and claimed it distrubed her dogs when she was walking by on the path by my house. After that, I took what she said to heart and made an intentional effort to keep an eye on them when they were outside. 


A few days later, I was home having a nice evening and I let my dogs outside to play in the yard. There was a little bit of barking, but I assumed it was a squirrel. Soon enough the woman shows up at my door again, and in a rage and proceeds to yell a strong variety of swear words at me! I talked with her calmly, but she did not calm down. 


After the confrontation, I came back inside to reflect and came to the conclusion that she chose to walk by my house. She had a CHOICE. As a dog owner myself, I make accommodations to my route in consideration of other people’s dogs and things we should avoid. 


There’s a lesson in everything and this experience really made me think about the power of owning your life. That woman was choosing drama and negativity instead of just changing her route. Every single bit of our life is our responsibility and it’s about ownership. It doesn’t matter what part of your life it is. Own it. And change it. 


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