Elise Joan: Throwback Episode: Get Inspired for Fire and Flow

Today’s episode is a throwback interview with a mentor and friend from my previous podcast in 2021. I’m revisiting this conversation in honor of the Fire and Flow program release this week! Elise Joan is a co-creator of Fire and Flow as well as several other programs with Beachbody. We talk about pivoting, body positivity and being intentional with our energy. 


Elise was a ballet teacher from a young age, which began her love of movement and the mind, body, emotion connection. At William and Mary she fell in love with musical theater and decided to move to New York City to work in theater after college. After a debilitating vocal injury, which ended her musical theater career, she discovered yoga. She started teaching group fitness and began working with Equinox and then Beachbody. 

[13:18] PIVOT

Elise talks about what she expected 2020 to be and how she had to pivot and adapt. At first it was hard to adjust to the change. She allowed herself to process and feel those emotions. As an extrovert, she was very motivated to connect with people during quarantine, so she moved to sharing her experience online. The way she sums up her pivot is repurposing. She tried to embrace the ebbs and flows of life and not beat herself about setbacks.  


Elise talks about enjoying the process while you’re growing. It’s okay to want to go to the next level, but still enjoy where you’re at. Going through Covid was a great reminder to be intentional with her energy. When Elise tapped into her habits and her mindset, things started to fall into place and move in the direction of her full potential. If we can repurpose the voice in our head to be our ally instead of our critic, that’s the key step. 


We talk about having a positive self body image in the world of fitness and performing. Elise grew up in the classical ballet world, where it was very important to be skinny. Her parents countered that message with body positivity. She talks about body image and representation in musical theater, fitness and pop culture. The ideas about our bodies are deeply ingrained, but are starting to shift. 


We talk about creating a space that’s relaxing and how the pandemic has highlighted the importance of our spaces. It’s about your personal preferences and your values. All five senses need to be stimulated. Elise designed her space to honor her circadian rhythms as well. 


We discuss being in the energy of what we want. Elise explains radical acceptance and how that self-love can help us get to our goals. She recommends putting a filter on what you’re receiving energetically and emotionally. We all have the power to do that.  


I ask Elise a few fun questions to end the episode such as her favorite movies, books and vacation spots.

As you listen, please tag me on Instagram and let me know what pieces you are tucking into your own toolbox that help you elevate to your best self. I love hearing from you! 


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