Climbing a Mountain with Keichun Graves

In today’s episode I am joined by philanthropist & inventor, Keichun Graves. We discuss how she has made many pivots in her life that have led her to where she is now. One of her most significant journey’s was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2019 before the world shut down in 2020. We dive into that climb and relate what she learned on that climb to life, business and finding your passion.

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3:05 Who is Keichun Graves 

Philanthropist (Socks for Souls) & Inventor (the Sanicape) – she is a multi-passionate woman. Her mission in life is to be an abundant resource to people that came from a place of hardship. She realized that by pouring into others, she would rise. 

13:11 Word of the Year 

I choose a word for every year to remind myself of my why and mission for the year. 2019 was discipline and this helped me get my routine down. Then 2020 happened and my routine no longer worked. I had to pivot! “Discipline is one of the highest forms of self love”. 

16:45 Generously Selfish  

Me spending time with myself on myself for myself by myself. My morning routine is FOR me and allows me to be generously selfish and gives me the opportunity to fill my mission of being an abundant resource. 

19:50 My 40 lb Weight Gain 

Caused by stress and unhappiness, I kept avoiding it by ‘sucking in’. Until one day I allowed myself to take a deep breath and step on the scale. I was the heaviest I had been in my entire life. 

22:00 Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro 

I went into this journey at my heaviest. We were guided on our climb and had to climb at one mile per hour and that was difficult for me. But even with my extra weight, I knew I was going to make it to the top. I had to get out of my own head and my “stinkin thinkin” in order to make it to the top. The final climb to the summit was the hardest! 

In order to get the highest peak, I had to first set my goal on the first peak. I needed to release my attachment to the end goal, the top peak, so I could overcome my fears of making it to the top. I needed to put my energy into getting to the first peak and that pivot made all the difference. 

32:40 It’s Already Within Me 

In my last climb to the top summit, my phone froze and I could no longer listen to books on audio, which left me alone with my thoughts. I had to dig deep and find the resources that were already within me. We just have to remember what we are capable of! 

35:30 Deciding to Climb the Mountain 

It started 9 years ago when I climbed my first mountain in Yosemite. It was a 10 out of 10 for insanity factor, so it was a challenge for me, but I felt so empowered by climbing it. 

37:20 Getting out into Nature 

If you’re ever feeling off or down, get into nature! Become one with nature by immersing yourself in her beauty. It gives you perspective and it sets you at ease. 


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