Fitness After 40 – How to Overcome Your Age
fitness after 40

Since the release of Insane Focus I’ve gotten TONS of messages from folks, women specifically, thanking me for showing low impact workout options.

Yet I noticed so many of these really awesome messages started with something like, “I am 40 and…” as if…

  • there was something ‘wrong’ with being 40
  • being 40 suddenly means we can’t work out with intensity
  • being 40 is a reason to let ourselves go.

Ladies! I am talking to YOU! Stop this right now!!

Stop defining yourself by your age. Stop letting other people’s definitions – probably OLD SCHOOL definitions – of what a certain age is “supposed” to look or feel determine how YOU think you should look and feel.

  • Do you want more ENERGY?
  • Do you want to FEEL LEANER?
  • Do you want to BE STRONGER?

If yes, then okay, let’s get to work. We can either spend energy moaning about how we’re 40 and it’s so much harder now and blah blah blah. OR we can take that energy and figure this ish out.

  • So we might have to work a bit harder. So what? Good. That means we appreciate the results more than we did when we were 20 and everything was perky and flat naturally.
  • So we might need to put more thought into rest and recovery. So what? That means we appreciate the results more than we did when we were 20 and could run forever and feel great.
  • So we might have to recalibrate our nutrition. So what? Good. More care and thought as to what we put IN our bodies means we FEEL and FUNCTION better than we EVER did when we were 20.

Ladies, send me messages that say “I am 40 and determined to make the next 60 years of my life my BEST and HEALTHIEST 60 years.” Yes, we will have to recalibrate the pieces of our health and fitness journey as we get older and that is what makes this whole gig a JOURNEY.

Because we have to constantly assess, tweak, and evolve. The female who embraces where she is AND wants to find her FIERCE…well, THAT is the kind of FIERCE FEMALE I want to hang out with, don’t you??

▪️Find your fierce. ▪️Own it. ▪️Free it.

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