Be a Second Chancer 

giving things a second chance

We’re so quick to write things off, aren’t we? Something happens that leaves us with a bad taste in our mouth and we’re done.

Could be an event, a relationship, a product, or an experience, but we tend to make judgments quickly and give up easily. I get it. I do the same thing.

A few years ago, I showed up eager  to try out a new a cycling class. I was super pumped to give it a go. And the experience turned out to be bad. All kinds of bad. Not even worth talking about bad. So I wrote this company off…at least until a friend asked me recently to take a local cycling class at a different location (but part of the same brand).

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I’ll be honest. My first reaction was total negativity. Why would I want to step foot in that place when I still remembered how awful the last experience was? Life’s too short, right?

Then I decided it might be time to give this brand a second chance. After all, that’s what we want for ourselves, right? Let’s face it—we all do and say dumb things from time to time that doesn’t align with what’s really in our hearts and heads.

And at the end of the day, we all want, need, and deserve grace and second chances.

So I went for it. I attended the cycle class despite my previous negative experience. And guess what? My time there was nothing like my first interaction with this brand. In fact, it was amazing. And I plan to continue interacting with this cycling company down the road.  This idea of second chances has stuck with me ever since. In fact I woke up thinking about it recently, and felt compelled to share it with you.

Stop for a moment and think: who or what in my life deserves a second chance? 

This could be a person, a place, an activity, or experience. What goodness and growth have you barred from your life by writing something or someone off? I encourage you to grab something to drink, open a notebook or digital doc, and spend some time pondering and capturing your thoughts about this.

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For many of us, we’ve written off fitness-related experiences—or maybe even fitness altogether. Maybe you tried a certain program, like BeachBody, and didn’t like how it went. Or you had a poor interaction with a coach or as a coach. Or perhaps you tried a line of supplements or Shakeology and wasn’t a fan. Maybe you liked the experience, but just had trouble making good habits stick. Been there, girl.

Here’s the challenge I want to put before you: make this the month you give something or someone a second chance. 

With all the judgment, negativity, and divisiveness out there, I think the world would be a better place if we all focused more on grace and second chances. For me, giving this cycle situation a second chance led to something new and exciting! I’m so grateful I gave it another shot.

If it’s time for you to give Beachbody, Shakeology, or fitness a second chance (or even first try!) in your life, let me help! I’d be honored to come alongside you as you give this a go. Just send me a quick message and we’ll line up a time to chat!

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