Personal Growth Tips (Part 4) with Elise Joan

December 7, 2023

Julie [00:00:01]:

Let’s get started. Hey there. Welcome back to the crank it up podcast, and listen. I have an amazing one for you today.

Continuing our series, continuing our focus on personal growth. Today, I bring you some thoughts from my dear friend, Elise Jones. Elise the And I my gosh. It feels like I’ve always known Elise. You know those people in your life that you don’t remember when they weren’t in your life, and Elise is definitely one of them. 

She is just a radiant soul, and she is a super trainer on the team body platform. And more importantly, she’s a superhuman in this world. And I wanted to share with you her thoughts on personal growth.

You are gonna love her Taylor Swift era at the end. So take a listen. Take some notes. I’ll see you on the other side.

Elise Joan Shares Daily Habits for Personal Growth and Success

Elise Joan [00:01:13]:

Personal growth has been a part of my daily life and my journey for as long as I can remember. I have so many personal growth habits of my own, but a few of my top growth habits are

Number 1: I always the day before I turn on my phone or anything with one of my 4 minute affirmation meditations. 

Basically, what this does is it allows me the first few moments of the day to begin intentionally. It allows me to connect with my breath, with my goals, with my physical body and gets everything aligned so that my day starts powerfully. 

So I think that that’s my number one personal growth habit. 

Number 2: Other personal growth habits include always reading books or listening to books and podcasts on Audible. Now this can range from actual personal development to leadership development, sometimes just reading a book for fun, historical fiction or autobiographies, anything that allows me to become more in touch with the world outside of my day to day realm.

Number 3: travel. I think this is one of the most amazing personal growth habits to learn about other cultures, taste other foods, see what other cultures are doing right and how I can incorporate those things into my daily life.

Elise Started Personal Growth Young –  Developed Techniques and Habits.

When did I begin tapping into personal growth? I really began this at a very young age. I would say even junior high school when I was dancing with the Virginia Ballet Company. 

It was an incredibly competitive environment, so I needed to develop some of the personal growth techniques that allowed me to take myself out of comparison, that allowed me to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally in an environment that really, really, emphasizes, you know, different choices for the body than I wanted to make. 

I wanted to stay healthy and fit, and then also stay out of a place of comparison. 

So I began personal development practices like listening to music, again, listening to podcasts even back then and understanding that I was there to interpret energy, to interpret emotion, to interpret music, to move my body, and to have fun, not to compete. 

And so I think, shifting my mindset even from that young age helped me get through some obstacles a little bit later in life. How did I create this into a habit for myself? So I started to create mindset work, particularly my I am affirmation meditations as a habit for myself. 

When I was going through a very, very challenging breakup, in my late twenties, someone gifted me a book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life, and it is essentially a book of affirmations.

And the idea is that you might feel silly saying these affirmations out loud at first. And at first, I definitely didn’t wanna do it, but I made the commitment to myself that, you know, as I was struggling in this breakup, which really turned my life upside down, that every day I would look in the mirror and I would do one of these I am the Affirmations that Louise Hay put out. 

I realized very quickly the power of this in regaining my confidence, regaining my autonomy, regaining my self worth, which had taken quite a beating in this relationship emotionally. 

And so that is kind of how I began to integrate the power of affirmations the Into my habit. This habit of starting the day with I Am affirmation meditations has changed my life in the sense that it has allowed me, again, to choose an intention for the day. 

  • If I’m feeling overwhelmed, I would choose I am relaxed. 
  • If I’m feeling underwhelming. I would choose I am awesome. 
  • If I need some motivation to kick start my work, I would choose I am motivated.

So I created 60 affirmation meditations, all 4 minutes or so, and all designed for us to intentionally create our day. So this has changed my life by allowing my days to be more productive, more joyful, and more present. 

Where have I seen the most personal growth through this habit? I would say I have seen the most personal growth through these I am meditations in my own self confidence, in my awareness that I am the creator of my reality, that I have the power with my mindset to make or break the choices I make every single day. 

So I think the most personal growth comes from my self confidence, my awareness of my worth, my awareness of my value, and then leading with that in everything I do throughout my life, really. 

The Importance of the People Around you in Connection to You Goals

How important are the people around you in connection to my goals, the Dreams and vision for my life? Listen. The people we surround ourselves with in our real life, online, in our virtual communities are absolutely imperative.

Elise Joan [00:06:14]:

It is directly linked to how passionately we pursue our goals and our dreams. I feel like people can either be a distraction. They can be an energy vortex. They can bring us away from self confidence, or they are directly contributing to our wellness, and they want what’s best for us. 

And this becomes more and more palatable the older that I get.

The Power of Positive Relationships: “It’s very clear who is detracting you from goals, subconsciously or consciously, the By taking your energy and who is replenishing your energy, who is giving back to you.” — Elise Joan

People as either distractions or contributors to wellness

For me, this is the friends and the family that I choose to surround myself with, the But it’s also my subscriber community on Instagram. It’s also these people, you know, they pay $4.99 a month.

It is an investment in them, But they are there. They wanna be there. They want to support my growth, their growth, the growth of the other people in my subscriber mastermind. So it is imperative that we are only giving our energy and surrounding ourselves with people who elevate us.

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Elise Joan [00:08:30]:

How important is it to be in the room? It is so important to wake up every day and be in the room, whether that is the literal room of attending a growth day event or it is a metaphorical room of what you choose to listen to, the news and information you choose to absorb, how you choose to absorb it. 

The power of being in rooms with like-minded individuals

Every day, we are in the room, and we can choose to sleep through it, to make excuses through it, or we can choose to show up powerfully. And it is that choice that empowers us, that will get us into the rooms where it happens, and will also get people speaking our name, in a positive way in rooms where it matters and can elevate us.

So I would say it’s very important to be in the room. 

What are some of the most powerful rooms I have been in, and how has that impacted my life? Some of the most powerful rooms I have been in are conversations with other women seeking to make a difference, seeking to elevate other women. 

Getting out of competition and comparison and into support and elevation of one another is key. 

So, those happen in my subscriber groups, my Instagram communities, my BODi family, as far as they do my programs.

Look. Barb my Barbell and programming, my yoga programming, it’s tough. It’s very challenging. It is a new and different way to move your body. It will overwhelm a great number of people who don’t have the capacity to move past what they think they know, and so I feel like the people attracted to my work are the highest level people. 

And so being in the room with them, inviting me into their living rooms is the most powerful room that I have been in. 

What tips do you have to share for women on a mission to level up their lives? So I believe that all women have the potential to level up their lives. This.

Tips for Women Seeking To Level Up Their Lives

Some tips I would give them is 

Number: Believe you deserve to level up. 

Number 2: Be happy and content with yourself along the way. This means celebrating where you are on the journey. Right? You don’t wait till you reach a peak or a climax to celebrate yourself. Celebrate that you are on that journey. 

Again, surround yourself with people, activities, workouts, meditations that elevate you, that make you feel empowered, that train your brain to think differently. These are all very powerful tools for an impactful life.

Elise Joan [00:10:47]:

The Fun question. Taylor Swift Eras Tour.

What is my favorite Taylor Swift song, and what is your personal era right now?

Oh my goodness. I don’t know if I know any of the names of actual Taylor Swift songs, and this is embarrassing because I really like a lot of her music. But Shake It Off has gotta be 1. I’ve been in the theater business, the fitness business, the on camera business. There are always, always, always people with an opinion about what you’re doing. Usually, it’s people who can’t quite get themselves to to take action in their lives, the And there are also always going to be people trying to dim your shine or trying to bring you down.

In fact, one of my favorite Taylor Swift lyrics is, “Don’t you worry your pretty little mind. People throw rocks at things that shine”, and I find that unfortunately a lot of human beings choose to be in competition with other women. I personally choose to elevate other women and invite anyone on that journey to join me. 

So I’ve really, and many times in my life had to shake off doubters, shake off naysayers, shake off haters, shake off, people who don’t understand the mindset or don’t think they want a mindset with their workouts. So I would say that’s my favorite lyric. That’s my favorite song.

And, what is my personal era right now.

I would say right now, I am in my Trust Era. And I think that this will lead me to expand upon that to become my icon in my iconic era. Right? And I’ll explain that in the following way. I’ve worked so hard for everything I’ve achieved and gotten over the years that I’ve gotten into a mindset sometimes that I feel like I have to work for everything. Push for everything. Fight for everything.

And I am shifting that mindset. I am now in my era of trusting that I have created the goodness.

I have created innovative workouts, innovative mindset work. I’ve become a thought leader, and I am trusting that that is going to be taken the Into the universe and made powerful in the right way. 

So I’m no longer forcing, pushing, yearning, achieving, growing. I mean, I’m doing all of those things. I guess I should say I’m not no longer pushing. I am allowing. I am holding space for what I’ve already created and know that it’s in motion. 

And that will lead me to my iconic phase because once I do that, the I you know, what what we are building and creating now will be iconic when it is finally embraced by people who may not realize our power

Julie [00:13:20]:

How good was that? So good. Elise has such a beautiful way with words. And something that I’m noticing as a common thread, and no doubt. You are noticing it as well that so many of these conversations are specific in saying they start the day with their personal growth.

 “They start the day with their personal growth because when you get in control the of what you can control. When you control the controllable, you set the intention and the vibe the for the day on purpose with purpose.”— Julie

Moira said that. Holly said that. Elise is saying that they start their day with personal growth because when you get in control of what you can control. 

Now is the day gonna go off the rails at some point in time? Very likely, especially if you have children. It’s very likely that your day could go sideways at some point. However, will you be more focused, more intentional, more the able to get yourself back on the rails when that happens, when you do your personal growth straight away in the morning, when you set the intention for the day, when you decide who you want to be and act into that right away when you wake up, the I think so. 

I think that you’ll get back on track much easier when the day goes off the rails, and it’s very likely that it can. 

I also love that she mentioned ways that she stays inspired and also what she considers personal growth, and one of those is travel. What a beautiful mindset to really think of travel as personal growth, and I know. There are seasons of life where you’re like, well, that should not happening for me right now. Whether you have littles…

It’s expensive, whatever it might be. However, I’m gonna tell you a little story about how we did travel growing up. My parents loved to travel. We did travel. We had a motorhome. Okay. We didn’t fly around. We drove around this country in this big old motor home that my dad drove.

But when we weren’t traveling, they were very intentional about taking me over to the local college town on, let’s say, International Day or whatever it might be and really exposing me to stuff happening right in my own town. 

So I love that Elise mentioned travel. I love to travel. You probably love to travel. We’d all love to travel more. And in the seasons where we can’t, I bet if you dig into your own town, there are new restaurants, new events, new festivals, new fairs, new people, new places that you could try the that might give you some new inspiration and sort of a vibe of travel without actually leaving the state. Kinda cool. Kinda cool way to think about it.

Yeah? I’ve also noticed another common thread throughout these conversations is that they started small with personal growth, and then they were consistent, and it was in that consistency that they noticed the shift.

It wasn’t that we just did it here and there. We started and we continued it, and that’s where I noticed the shift. So if you are working on making personal growth a habit, then Thank you for including this podcast in that habit, and please know, continue to work on it. 

Chip away at it. In these bits and pieces every single day, that consistency is what will get you the results. 

And last, can we just talk about the wow Elise’s favorite Taylor Swift song is off the album 1989 as it should be. That’s my album.


Love me some 1989. So I hope you enjoyed this conversation. If you’ve got a moment, you can leave the podcast a review. That really helps newer podcasts kinda get out there and find new ears to listen to this podcast. So if you’ve got a moment you can go over and leave a quick review. That’d be amazing. 

Meet Elise Joan

Elise Joan is a dedicated advocate for personal growth and self-improvement. Her journey towards personal growth has been ingrained in her daily life, with a commitment to intentional living and prioritizing her mental and physical well-being.

Elise’s top growth habits include starting her day with affirmations and meditation to set a powerful tone for the day ahead. She also prioritizes reading and listening to books and podcasts on a variety of topics, from personal development to leadership, in order to expand her knowledge and understanding of the world around her.

Through her dedication to personal growth, Elise Joan continues to inspire and empower others to live intentionally and prioritize their own self-improvement journey.

Thank you so much for listening to the Crank It Up podcast. If you know a friend who would benefit from this I mean, who wouldn’t? If you know a friend who would benefit from this episode, this conversation around personal growth, will you share this episode with them? I would appreciate it. 

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about personal growth. Let’s get the world, especially women, on an intentional personal growth journey.

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about cranking up your goals, cranking up your dreams, and cranking up your life. 

Thank you so much. See you next time. That’s it for this episode.

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Thank you so much for listening to the Crank It Up podcast. If you know a friend who would benefit from this I mean, who wouldn’t? If you know a friend who would benefit from this episode, this conversation around personal growth, will you share this episode with them? I would appreciate it.

Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about personal growth. Let’s get the world, especially women, on an intentional personal growth journey. Let’s get the world, especially women, talking about cranking up your goals, cranking up your dreams, and cranking up your life.

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